AD Have Fun Learning with Science Mad! Review and Giveaway

If you are after some fun and educational scientific equipment and kits, then you may be interested in the Science Mad! collection.

Science Mad! Collection

The collection has real scientific equipment and kits which guide children, with supervising adults) through fun experiments. Whilst being fun they are designed to inspire curiosity and to drive a passion for science. The collection includes telescopes, night vision goggles, digital walkie talkies, chemistry lab set and much more. We received a telescope and a star globe to review.

Science Mad! 50mm Telescope (RRP £30.99)


  • Refractor Design
  • 50mm objective lens
  • 20mm and 4mm eyepieces
  • 18x or 90x magnification
  • Tabletop tripod
  • Altazimuth mount

The Telescope comes in a few parts. It is extremely easy to put together and to start looking at things in the sky. It is good for looking at the moon and trying to spot some planets like Jupiter and Saturn.

The two eye pieces provided are good for different things. The 20mm eye piece with a magnification of 18x is good for observing galaxies and nebulae while the 4mm eyepiece with 90x is better for detailed observation of the moon and planets.

The telescope is very easy to use, but it may take some time to figure out how to get the best views.

Science Mad! Planetarium Star Globe (RRP £32.99)


  • Light up globe
  • Projects onto walls and ceilings
  • Lights up major constellations
  • Globe rotates
  • Light pointer

The star globe is easy to put together. You simply place the globe over the light, insert batteries and it is ready. However the globe is made out of very thin plastic so you have to be careful. Unfortunately I was a bit heavy handed when removing it from the packaging that it got squashed. As a result it then didn’t spin properly on the base so we haven’t managed to experience it fully turning.

You have a number of options as to how you want to use the globe.

  • Make the globe rotate, creating a planetarium effect
  • Hear commentary about the planets (which do not form part of the stars and consellations light show)
  • Rotate the globe and listen to the commentary together

It globe comes with a light pointer which you can use to point out specific things.

Although described as a planetarium, it is hard to get the planetarium effect. Unless it is close to a wall or high up the the whole thing gets extremely blurred and you can’t read anything. If you do manage to find the perfect position to place the globe then it is a great way to learn about the major consellations.

The Science Mad! Collection is now available from Amazon.


Would you like to win your own telescope? You can win a Science Mad! 30mm Telescope (£15.99) in my giveaway.

The Science Mad! 30mm Telescope is fun and easy to use, allowing young explorers to discover the world around them. Lightweight and portable, for all those trips and adventures, this starter telescope uses optical glass lenses to provide a useful 15x magnification, making the world appear that much bigger, and in more exciting detail. For a chance to win, complete the rafflecopter form below.

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