Week 41 of 2021 – Project 365

Sunday 10th October – Day 282

A typical quiet Sunday of not doing much. Decided to treat the girls to a dessert from Creams and then it was just pretty much chilling and watching TV. Until the baby settles more we won’t be going anywhere at the weekends. Plus am concerned about the virus…would rather just stay at home now anyway as it’s getting colder.

Monday 11th October – Day 283

Hubby unexpectedly took today off as he hadn’t slept well. He ended up cooking and made some really nice rice while I relaxed with baby. After school he took Bee to get some jumpers/cardigans as she doesn’t have any and they came back with loads of clothes. She tried them and they didn’t suit her or were too small so they went back and returned them. They then went to the Pakistani clothes shop and got some traditional outfits…..and 2 for me too.

Tuesday 12th October – Day 284

Another quiet day – some ominous looking clouds arrived around school run time but we were lucky as there were just a few spots of rain.

Wednesday 13th October – Day 285

Baby has been a lot better recently and we had another session with the cranial osteopath today. She cried pretty much throughout the whole treatment as she just wanted me and to sleep. But he managed to do some of his techniques. Have another appointment in 2 weeks bit as she is so much more settled I don’t think we will be going…plus hardly worth it if she is going to cry the whole time we are there. Then popped to the parents for a couple of hours before the school run.

Thursday 14th October – Day 286

Hubby’s day off today and he cooked again. Made two dishes and frozen one so its there when we need it. He know’s I am currently finding it hard to cook as she is so clingy. The Gummee Glove I ordered for baby arrived..am getting ready for her teething. She has started to put her hand in her mouth when she can. Then after school I took the eldest and baby to a taster session for a scouts group we are starting up. Before I found out I was pregnant I had agreed to help…I almost quit but then we decided I would be Group Scout Leader as that meant I wouldn’t have to attend all the sessions and just oversee the whole group. We went in to show my face and meet everyone and then left before the parents started arriving.

Friday 15th October – Day 287

Following on from the Gummee Glove, Sophie the Giraffe also arrived. Bee had one as a baby and had loved it.

Saturday 16th October – Day 288

My brother came to see the parents and popped in to see baby first. She gave him a smile but when he attempted to pick her up she was about to start crying so he handed her back. I started to take pictures for some review items as the review needs to be live next week. Bee also made star of the class at karate.

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