Week 40 of 2021 – Project 365

Sunday 3rd October – Day 275

Sunday’s are always quiet so not a lot to share. We often used to go out at the weekend, even if just to a restaurant but now with baby we don’t. She screams so much in the car seat that I am not happy going anywhere with her at the moment. Hubby treated us to some cream cakes before work.

Monday 4th October – Day 276

I am not really doing much these days, just dealing with the baby. Not confident about going to groups as she cries so much so beginning to feel like a prisoner stuck indoors. A comforter I had ordered off Etsy arrived today for her.

Tuesday 5th October – Day 277

I mentioned in my Instagram stories on Sunday about how I was missing going out to eat and a local restaurant messaged me saying they wanted to treat me and the girls to a free meal. Today they dropped off a chapli kebab for me and chicken and chips for the girls. It was so kind of them.

Wednesday 6th October – Day 278

A tough day today with baby, she wasn’t sleeping for long…..so a day of alternating between the mat, her swing and just walking around with her.

Thursday 7th October – Day 279

A quiet day. Baby had another session with the cranial osteopath. Hubby went too and he thinks its all a waste of time and that he did nothing. But it is all gentle pressure….but must admit I am in two minds about it. The osteopath also thinks she has silent reflux. Some sensory items I had ordered for baby also arrived today….some musical items. She also laughed out loud for the first time today which was cute. Also got a message from the eldest’s school that they now need to wear face masks again in communal areas.

Friday 8th October – Day 280

The restaurant that gave us the free meal had a 15% off offer this weekend so the nephew came round and we ordered a takeaway. The chicken strips were nice!

Saturday 9th October – Day 281

Hubby brought me some chocolate today as he knows I like mint and chocolate. He didn’t read the mojito part but thankfully they don’t actually contain alcohol. Managed to get a post live about the My Mindfulness Journal.

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