Week 43 of 2021 – Project 365

Sunday 24th October – Day 296

A quiet day as we were all feeling rough. We are taking part in a book tour for a young author next month and we revealed the book on instagram today. We made a reel.

Monday 25th October – Day 297

Baby still had a slight temp and I was feeling really rough. So I let the HV know we wouldn’t be coming for her weight check today and phoned the doctors to rearrange her immunisations which were tomorrow. Even if she didn’t have a temp tomorrow I was too drained to look after her if she had a reaction.

Tuesday 26th October – Day 298

We had received a K’nex roller coaster to make but messed up a bit and couldn’t get it to work. As the review was due to go live yesterday I had to make it live today even if I couldn’t figure out where we had gone wrong. We will try again when we are not full of cold.

Wednesday 27th October – Day 299

Bee and her dad went for a day out. I had initially thought I would take the baby out this half term but this cold I had really drained me. They decided to go Warwick castle and on the way home stopped at Leicester to eat at Pamson Grill. They brought me back some biryani and chaat.

Thursday 28th October – Day 300

Decided not to send Bee to karate this week to let her rest up as she still has a slight cough. Plus I hate that they go over board for halloween. We don’t celebrate it and she always feels left out as those who dress up get treats and badges. It is not fair on those who don’t celebrate. I a paying money for her to learn karate..not do halloween games. Noticed baby’s skin on her head was a bit flaky. Posted on instagram and got a lot of suggestions on how to deal with it. Some thought it might be mild cradle cap.

Friday 29th October – Day 301

Usually in half term I would take the girls out to eat at least once. But there is no way baby will let me eat in peace so we decided to order from one of our favourite restaurants. I got the chicken in featherbed.

Saturday 30th October – Day 302

One of my closest uni friends came to visit and see baby. I haven’t seen her for over 2 years now i think….well definitely not during lockdown etc. She has also moved further away so it’s harder to visit…she’s 2 hours away now instead of 1 hour. She got baby some clothes and us some chocolate. Was nice to have a catch up. Hubby had got the kids some treats to have. Once she left decided to pay the parents a quick visit as they hadn’t seen the girls for a while and I was actually out of my pyjamas for once.

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