Week 50 of 2021 – Project 365

Sunday 12th December – Day 345

Another quiet Sunday. Baby has found her feet now and is always grabbing them. Can’t quite get them to her mouth yet.

Monday 13th December – Day 346

Hubby brought home more cake and obviously I couldn’t resist!

Tuesday 14th December – Day 347

They were singing Christmas songs at Bee’s school at the end of the day. I had already told Bee I wouldn’t be coming to watch. We don’t celebrate Christmas and I wasn’t going to take baby to stand in the cold in the playground for 40 odd mins. Bee finally brought home her certificate she received last week.

Wednesday 15th December – Day 348

Hubby had today pff work and I finally decided to get the cot out of the shed and put it together for baby. Although she still fits in the next to me she often hits the sides with her hands and as its slightly tilted she would always end up on one side with her face against the side… I couldn’t seem to fix the tilt.

Thursday 16th December – Day 349

We had received a new sensory board book and managed to do a reel on instagram for it.

Friday 17th December – Day 350

The girls broke up for the holidays today at 12.30 and we ordered fish and chips for lunch. It will be nice to have them home as they can help entertain the baby! A ball arrived that I had ordered and baby loves it, it is great for sensory play

Saturday 18th December – Day 351

Been telling Bee I would make cookies with her and managed to do it today. We didn’t have chocolate chips so used the chocolate I have from Hotel Chocolat for the velvitiser. It is dark and noone liked it as a drink but it works in the cookies!

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