What Causes a Double Chin?

Having a double chin might be common, but it is a source of self-consciousness and insecurity for a lot of people. Even though they are usually not a cause of concern, they can be unsightly. A double chin can seem like it has a simple explanation, but in reality, the cause can be quite complex. Here are some common reasons you might find yourself with some extra padding under the chin.


Most people do not think about the effect age has on our skin, especially on our faces. As we age, the amount of collagen in the skin starts to decline and this causes the skin to lose its elasticity. The skin then sags even more as we get older and can cause a double chin.

As we age, we also lose muscle definition in the face and this can make the sagging skin look even worse. Practising good skin care habits, exercising and eating a healthy diet can all help reduce the effects of ageing.

Excess Fat

A common cause of a double chin is excess fat in the face and the chin. When you gain weight, fat is deposited in various parts of the body including the face and under the chin. For most people, excess fat under the chin can go unnoticed.

A double chin can be a cause of self-consciousness, but the good news is that there are several non-invasive medical aesthetics treatments that can help, like facial lipolysis, and they are available at clinics like Pico Clinics. Pico Clinics provides several medical aesthetics and cosmetic treatments to help their patients achieve their desired looks. All their doctors are GMC certified and continuously trained to ensure you are getting the best services.

Poor Posture

Because of the increasing use of laptops and smartphones, a lot of people have developed poor posture. This posture causes them to lean forward for extended periods and this can have severe effects. This craning posture affects the platysma muscle which connects the chin to the neck. In addition to causing neck pain, the weakening of this muscle causes reduced elasticity around the jaw and this leads to the sagging effect most of us associate with a double chin.

Facial Structure

Apart from ageing, your facial structure is another cause of a double chin that is out of your control. Certain facial shapes are less flattering than others and these cause a double chin. This includes people with weak jawlines and recessive cheeks. This is because their facial skin is stretched across a smaller area and the excess skin naturally rests on the chin.


While no gene has been proven to cause a double chin, genetics can influence your bone structure to cause a double chin. Genetics can also predispose you to weight gain and dictate where you have tight, thinner or less elastic skin.

Having a double chin can make you a lot more conscious about how you look. The good news is that once you understand its causes, it gets a lot easier to get rid of it, or to take measures to make it less prominent.

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