2022 – Week 13 of Project 365

Final week of term before the Easter holidays and the start of Ramadan.

Day 86 – Sunday 27 March

My family don’t do anything for mothers day for me but I always get mum some cakes or flowers…we have never really done mothers day in a big way. Got her some cupcakes shaped like a bouquet.

Day 87 – Monday 28 March

Asked hubby to get me a courgette before he went to work as wanted to make something for Minu, and he came home with an outfit for Minu. Thankfully he didn’t forget the courgette!

Day 88 – Tuesday 29 March

Attended my Connecting Muslim Mums group and it was all about discussing self care. Made a face mask and at the end we were given a goody bag with things like chocolate and face masks in. They also gave us some dates as Ramadan is due to start in a few days.

Day 89 – Wednesday 30 March

Finally used the courgette I asked hubby to get. I was going to make a vegetable muffin recipe I had seen but some of the comments weren’t great about it…so then opted for courgette bites which is basically courgette, eggs and cheese. Minu loved them.

Day 90 – Thursday 31 March

Woke up to a sprinkling of snow. It did snow a bit more than this as the cars ended up with a light covering. But within a few hours it had all melted. Felt quite cold though. Took Minu to baby swimming but this was the first week she did not like it and was grumpy pretty much the whole session. I think the problem is she is changing her nap times and she is usually asleep now at the time of the session…..I might have to try to change her session but all are booked up. The swimming instructor added on a session to our 10 weeks as she didn’t take part…but it is hard to book another session as they are all fully booked.

Day 91 – Friday 1 April

For some Ramadan started today (those who follow Saudia Arabia and with their moon sighting…..although apparently it was scientifically impossible to see the moon). But we go by local moon sighting and it was not sighted. I was kind of glad as I hadn’t done any cleaning and now I can! Got the Ramadan books out and ready for Bee. Also got a post live about the YoYo Ball.

Day 92 – Saturday 2 April

Tidied Bee’s room while she was at karate as it was a total mess. Threw away quite a few of her small bits and pieces – they have been on the floor for days and she clearly doesn’t care. I had warned her I would throw things away. Then made some date truffles that I had seen on instagram by a food blogger…they tasted ok but not ‘WOW’. Then ordered a takeaway as might not be having takeaways much during Ramadan!

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