Review: Learning tricks with the YoYo Ball

This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I remember one of my favourite toys as a child being a yoyo. It was a toy that almost everyone had had a go on if not actually owning their own. It was simple but could provide hours of fun. You could just simply roll it up and down or teach your self more elaborate tricks. And there were so many different designs and styles.

However it did get annoying have to constantly wind it up to continue to do and learn tricks. And that is where these YoYo balls are different. The YoYo automatically comes back to you so no constantly stopping and winding it.

There are 6 styles to collect and the fact that the ball comes back to you automatically means the tricks should be slightly easier to do. Bee loved the designs and thought they were mesmerising!

Due to the wind up mechanism and the specially designed retractable string, we did notice that it does take slightly bit more effort to actually push it down initially. You can’t just let it go and have to apply some force to make it go down.

So what tricks can you do? You can do the classic tricks such as Loop- the-Loop and Around -the-World, and make up your own tricks.

We have had lots of fun trying to get the hang of the tricks, and Bee needs a lot more practice. Here’s our video showing her attempts!

The YoYo balls are great for outdoor play for when the weather does improve! Or can easily be used indoors. If you like the look of them you can find them at Smyths.

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