Gavitrax Obstacle Starter set Review

Disclaimer: We received Gavitrax for the purposes of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

I had never heard of Gavitrax before so I was curious to find out more about what it was and what it involved. I wasn’t sure if Bee would like it but I had no reason to be concerned about that, Gavitrax kept her busy!

What is Gavitrax?

Gavitrax is from Ravensburger and is a marble run building toy for boys and girls aged 8 and up and is a great concept for encouraging STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) play. It is all about building different track layouts for your balls. You rely on gravity to get the balls moving and you can follow the diagrams given to you in the booklet or try to create your own tracks…so Gravitrax is great for encouraging creativity.

Main features of Gavitrax

  • 140 components
  • Instructions to help build tracks
  • Use your on creativity to create tracks
  • Teaches children about engineering, gravity and magnets.


The pack contains 140 components which includes 4 base plates, 2 transparent levels, 6 balls, 74 tiles, 21 curves, 3 junctions, 2 switches, a 3-in-1 block, vortex, launch pad, 14 tracks, 3 bridges, 3 transfers, 2 trampolines, a zipline, 2 spirals, a finish line, 2 catchers, a freefall, splash and landing.

And the fun doesn’t end there. Once you have created lots of amazing tracks you can continue your creations by purchasing expansion packs.

Our thoughts

Bee couldn’t wait to get stuck in to start creating tracks. The base boards are made of thick board and easily fit together. The quality is great and I can see them lasting a long time. And the different elements of the track slot easily into the board.

Gavitrax is perfect if you want your children to be learning while having fun…and more importantly it helps them get off the screens! It is not a 5 minute ‘game’ but takes time to create the tracks (especially the more complex ones) and you may end up recreating it if it doesn’t work the first time!

It is great to do as a family as everyone can get involved to create tracks. Although Bee is still playing it safe with simple tracks; she will get more adventurous as her confidence grows!

Gavitrax is hours of fun and something I can see us using again and again. It is available from Amazon (affiliate link).

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