2022 – Week 15 and 16 of Project 365

Ramadan is leaving me busy and tired. We aren’t going out much but I have been falling a bit behind with the blog.

Day 100 – Sunday 10 April

We had been sent a coming of age box for Bee (for when the time comes). Did an instagram reel of it: coming of age hamper. And then just chilled for most of the day.

Day 101 – Monday 11 April

Hubby suggested we go shopping in the morning as he is going to Pakistan to see his parents at the end of the week. So he wants to do a big shop so I am not having to constantly go to the shops. It has been a while since I have been to the supermarket and I got tempted by lots of treats.

Day 102 – Tuesday 12 April

Hubby is against any pet now since Rosie died. He doesn’t want another cat as he didn’t like cat hair everywhere……but I decided to get a gerbil as myself and the girls want some kind of pet. This is Fidget who was part of the adoption programme at Pets at Home. Gerbils are meant to have company but apparently after her partner died she didn’t bond with any other gerbil. I did ask if its OK to keep her alone and I was reassured that it was.

Day 103 – Wednesday 13 April

We had been sent some sticker books to review and managed to work on an instagram reel for them.

Day 104 – Thursday 14 April

Did a charity meal to open our fast day. A biryani, roast chicken leg, raita (yoghurt) and a drink for £5. Was really good.

Day 105 – Friday 15 April

Hubby left to go to Pakistan today to see his parents fro 25 days. I hadn’t wanted him to go during Ramadan as I am tired as it is when fasting, and then to miss Minu’s first Eid….but he chose to. Was a nice day and noticed a lot of the flowers beginning to bloom.

Day 106 – Saturday 16 April

We headed out to Smyths today to purchase a toy for review and then headed to the park to start working on a reel for the Got2Glow Fairy Finder. Such pretty blossom at the park. Then headed to Tesco in the evening to collect my click and collect order….had ordered some things to make some food for Minu. Am sure they missed some items out but still charged me….but he didn’t hand me any paperwork and only realised when got home.

Day 107 – Sunday 17 April

Made some veggie bites for Minu which she really loved. And then had some bubble fun in the garden with DrZigs bubbles we had previously been sent to review.

Day 108 – Monday 18 April

I had ordered a pet play pen and today got Fidget out for some exercise. She seemed to love running around it….she is so fast though! Hard to catch her.

Day 109 – Tuesday 19 April

We were on a waiting list for a baby group I wanted to try out with Minu and we managed to get a space this term. A lot of sensory activities and think she got overwhelmed initially but seemed to enjoy it towards the end. She got to dress up as a bumble bee, although she wouldn’t le me put the mask on.

Day 110 – Wednesday 20 April

Back to school for the girls today. Normally hubby does the school run in the mornings but as he is away I have to now. My nephew offered to do it as he doesn’t go to work till 10 but I felt like he had already done so much for us and not fair on him. Plus Minu has changed her routine and is usually awake then anyway. When Bee got home took some pics of her with a magazine we had been sent to review.

Day 111 – Thursday 21 April

I don’t have to always rock Minu to sleep now, as she can get herself to sleep on my bed…so long as I am next to her. I tried to get her to nap in her cot after our swimming session but she didn’t, managed to sit herself up and tried to pull the cot mobile down. I gave up and put her back on the bed.

Day 112 – Friday 22 April

A quiet day at home with Minu. No pictures today.

Day 113 – Saturday 23 April

Another quiet day at home. Made a courgette and cheese pizza for Minu which went down well. Then got Fidget out for a bit of exercise and encouraged her to have a sand bath.

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