2022 – Week 26 of Project 365

Day 177 – Sunday 26 June

Bee had another competition today but as it was a local one I decided to take Minu with me and see how she did. We got there at 8.45am and didn’t leave until after 12. Minu had a nap and then did start getting a bit irritated towards the end but she did well. Wasn’t the best day for Bee though…she got runner up.

Day 178 – Monday 27 June

Hubby took us shopping before he headed to work. Spotted this limited edition Twirl so had to give it a try. Was quite nice. I had been planning to go to a meet up in the afternoon but Minu decided to have an extra long nap so just ended up popping to my mums instead before the school run.

Day 179 – Tuesday 28 June

Eldest went back to school today for 6th Form induction which is today and tomorrow. Baby group today for myself and Minu. Had to wake her from her nap and she wasn’t her usual chirpy self. May have to change to the afternoon session as her nap schedule has changed again.

Day 180 – Wednesday 29 June

Took eldest to the orthodontist after her induction day as we have had to get new retainers made after she cracked hers..£160 for replacements!! But they had messed up one so have to go back next week. Then in the evening a bit of bubble fun as Minu was a bit grumpy.

Day 181 – Thursday 30 June

Swimming today. I have cancelled next terms payment as we won’t be returning. She has some days she seems to enjoy it but the majority of the time she doesn’t…so I am giving up for now. Today’s session was horrible as she complained through most of it and we left 5 minutes early. We have 4 sessions left but I am not sure we will bother returning for them. I will lose the money but to be honest its more stress than its worth.

Day 182 – Friday 1 July

Got the tent out the shed and Minu loves it. It ended up in the conservatory though as it started raining. But she loved going in it in the conservatory too and playing with her toys.

Day 183 – Saturday 2 July

A quiet day. Bee at karate in the morning and I managed to get a quick post live about a new hajj related book I recently purchased: I Went for Hajj.

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  • Hope the new naptimes work out ok with rearranging things. N went through a horrendous phase with swimming from when he started cruising, about 8 months. They called it water wobbles and is quite common. We had a term off in the end though because he used to just cry and moan all session and refuse to do anything. We went back, and it still took a while to get through it, but in the end he was just a bit ambivalent about swimming when I was in the pool with him, I just think he was too independent and wanted to do his own thing, not what everyone else was doing. Thankfully once he finished Waterbabies and was in normal children’s lessons at the same pool, in on his own, he was like a different child. Hope Minu gets over it soon and you get chance to take her back swimming another time

  • I think you took the right decision to stop with the swimming lessons. If she doesn’t enjoy them, why stress her, even if that means you don’t get the money back for the unused sessions.

  • Well doen to Bee with the runner up. I never pay much attention to what chocolates and sweets are new and available. Shame about the swimming lessons

  • Lovely photo with the bubbles! It’s always such a joy to play with bubbles. A shame Minu doesn’t enjoy swimming lessons, maybe when she’s older, you could start taking her again. Pretty pink castle tent, just right for the warm days.

  • Well done to Bee on getting runner up in her karate competition. Hope all went well with 6th form induction for your eldest. Love the photo of Minu with the bubbles in the garden. Sorry that swimming has been so stressful though. #project365