Book Review: I went for Hajj by Na’ima B. Robert

We already have a book related to Ramadan, Ramadan Moon, by Na’ima B. Robert which we loved, so I had to get hold of I Went for Hajj to add to our book collection! It will be ideal for Minu when she is older.

I Went for Hajj

Author: Na’ima B. Robert

Illustrator: Paula Pangs


Age: 3+

”Share the excitement of Hajj from the eyes of a little boy as he tells his friends about his pilgrimage to Makkah.”

One thing to immediately mention is that this book isn’t really a story as such; we never even learn the boys name who is sharing his experience. The book is designed to give an experience of hajj from a child’s perspective and is to be used as a guiding point for parents to elaborate further. This is made clear in the note to parents and teachers at the start of the book. What I found handy was a list of points that can be discussed with your children as you go through the book.

All the important aspects are mentioned in the book such as the Ka’aba, tawaaf, the tents in Mina, Arafat,men shaving their hair and more.

The book is written in rhyming text which can appeal to young children and each page is full of illustration and colour to catch the children’s attention.

There is a glossary at the back explaining some of the terms used such as the Black Stone, Safa. Tawaf etc. This is handy for those who may not know much about hajj themselves.

I Went for Hajj is a cute book for the little ones as an introduction to hajj and is available from Amazon: (affiliate link)

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  • As someone who has never been on Hajj before, I found your personal insights and reflections to be incredibly enlightening and informative. Your attention to detail and vivid descriptions really brought the book to life for me, making me feel as though I was right there with you on this incredible journey. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of this book and experience the journey for myself!