Eid Gifts for Baby and Toddlers: 5 Muslim Owned Businesses

Every Eid I usually hunt for some islamic eid gifts to give to the girls and I am back to trying to find gifts for the little ones now that I have a baby (almost a toddler). Some of these businesses I have purchased from, some I have been previously gifted items from, and some I have just spotted and haven’t purchased from (yet).

Desi Doll

Desi Doll is one of the first companies I have come across that have catered for the Muslim Children. From Cot mobiles, sounds books and pillows, dolls and much more, you are sure to find a gift that will be loved by your littles ones in sha Allah.


Lila And Tiny

Lila and Tiny is a page I have seen on instagram but yet to purchase from. They have products such as wooden toys, playmats, bibs, tableware and more! I have my eye on a few of their toys for when Minu is a bit older!

My 1st Masjid

My 1st Masjid are makers of the pop up masjid. We have limited space in our home but a p0p up masjid is perfect for the children to help instil a love for prayer. Not just limited to the pop up masjid, they have other items such as stamp sets and puzzles.

Ilmah Kids

Ilmah Kids is all about child friendly learning resources. From prints to clothing, there is a mix of products on the website.

Anafiya Gifts

A website that stocks a wide range of products. From books to toys, tableware for the littles ones and decorations for Eid celebrations. You are spoilt for choice and sure to find something for your little ones.

If you find a product you love from these websites then do let me know in the comments what it is! You may also be interested in reading a post I did a few years ago sharing some toy suggestions: Islamic Toys for Eid Gifts.

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