2022 – Week 24 and 25 of Project 365

Another 2 week catch up. Honestly not sure if I will be continuing with these updates….not much happening really. It’s been a relatively quiet two weeks while the eldest gets on with her exams.

Day 163 – Sunday 12 June

Usual quiet Sunday…..didn’t take any pictures.

Day 164 – Monday 13 June

Had my annual diabetic review and had more bloods done. The nurse was confident that she could get blood out even after I told her how difficult everyone finds me…..but then failed and had to go for the vein in my hand. Just wish they would go straight to the hand rather than put me through the trauma of jabbing me in the arm for nothing. Found these sweets in the local Islamic shop…slightly addicted to them now!

Day 165 – Tuesday 14 June

Baby group today. Minu really opened up today and was crawling after the lady and clapping along with her.

Day 166 – Wednesday 15 June

Decided to try making some ‘ice cream’ for Minu. Tried strawberries with melon. She only really had a bit and then wasn’t interested. Will try a different flavour.

Day 167 – Thursday 16 June

Eldest was home all day today as no exams and revising from home. Decided to order some food for lunch. I tried the Karachi Bun Kebab and masala fries from Chaiiwala which were pretty tasty.

Day 168 – Friday 17 June

A warm day…..didn’t really do much except hide indoors. No pictures.

Day 169 – Saturday 18 June

Another day of not doing much. No karate as belt testings happening this weekend…so just chilled at home. No pictures again.

Day 170 – Sunday 19 June

Had to pop over to mums in the morning as she had guests coming over…and then belt testing in the afternoon for Bee for her brown and white belt. It took a while as other belts were testing too at the same time. Minu was pretty well behaved for most of the time. Bee achieved her belt with a B pass. Next belt is the Junior Black Belt.

Day 171 – Monday 20 June

Hubby is having issues with his car yet again so while it was at the garage we popped to town as I needed to get some things and had some lunch too. Minu was grumpy unfortunately, she didn’t want to sit in her pushchair…and she didn’t want to go to her dad either, so I ended up carrying her around. Saw this teddy in Boots and couldn’t resist the sparkle!

Day 172 – Tuesday 21 June

Baby group in the morning, she really loves this group. And then in the evening my nephew pressure washed an old water table I had for the other girls which I never got round to getting rid of….now Minu can play with it. Then an online scouts meeting in the evening to make some decision.

Day 173 – Wednesday 22 June

Our garden is south facing so we get loads of sun….but no shade so we go in the garden in the evening. Considering getting a small gazebo so get some shade during the day. Minu loves the water table and ended up soaking herself.

Day 174 – Thursday 23 June

Final exam for the eldest and final day of Year 11! After the exam they were all allowed to stay for an hour or so to get their shirts signed and watch a video of their embarrassing moments of the past 5 years. It seems a shame a proper leaving do wasn’t organised considering they have had it tough since Year 9.

Day 175 – Friday 24 June

Popped to a local school in the morning as we are considering using their venue for our Scouts group. Then started sorting out Bee’s room. Now that the eldest is home she can help look after Minu so I can do a deep clean of the clean of the house which includes a major declutter. In the evening took Bee to karate and while she was there we did some window shopping at the shops. Tried out this drink from Holland and Barrett. Was OK, not something I would buy again.

Day 176 – Saturday 25 June

I was planning to go to a local scout carnival but had a rough night and Minu was grumpy. She didn’t have a proper nap in the morning as the postman woke her up so didn’t want to risk taking her while she was still grumpy, there was a lot of screaming and shouting from her today. Possibly teething again. She was happier in the garden. Carried on sorting out Bee’s room as have a new bookcase arriving tomorrow so had to make space for it.

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