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With all that has been going on the last few years, we haven’t been overly active and that clearly needs to change. Staying active is so important for your health. Bee has her karate to go to 3 times a week but if I am honest the rest of us really need to get a bit more active! So I am pleased to say that I am a Stay Active Ambassador alongside Olympic champion Greg Rutherford

What is Stay Active?

Stay Active is a range of family-inclusive toys that can be played inside, outside whilst having great active fun. There are so many benefits of the range which include:
• Increased mental wellbeing
• Improved movement, balance, coordination, and reaction time
• Improved social skills, self-esteem, and confidence

I am always aware of how much screen time the girls are having, and the range is perfect to help reduce it and get kids active, and it is also great to get the family involved. And this month we are staying active with Sling Ball! Sling Ball is perfect for the whole family!

Sling Ball is basically a game of catch. With 2 racquets and 2 sling balls, you hook the balls, launch them and sling them! As the balls can be launched up to 18 metres we decided the park would be an ideal place to play.

Going to the park to play with it forced us to go out and we didn’t just play with Sling Ball but had a nice long leisurely walk around the park. Not just making you get active, Sling Ball is great for helping with hand eye co-ordination; something which Bee needs to work on as she kept missing the ball!

Sling Ball is OUT NOW at Smyths Toys, Amazon and other toy stores and supermarkets.

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