2022 – Week 22 and 23 of Project 365

2 week update again. Not much happens these days as stuck at home due to the eldest busy revising for her GCSE’s.

Day 149– Sunday 29 May

Usual quiet Sunday again. Hubby had brought home treats again. Woke up to find these in the kitchen.

Day 150 – Monday 30 May

It is half term week but the weather isn’t great and the eldest needs to revise to not much planned. Minu’s toothbrush and toothpaste arrived that I had ordered arrived. Now she has 2 teeth with 2 more on the way it is time to get her used to brushing her teeth. Thankfully she was quite happy letting me brush her teeth…but think that was more because she wanted to chew the toothbrush.

Day 151 – Tuesday 31 May

Minu turned 10 month yesterday and I wasn’t going to bother to try and take a 10 month picture as she just crawls off. But gave it a go. Did manage to get a few decent ones but that was after a lot of rolling, crawling and patience!

Day 152 – Wednesday 01 June

I had enough of being at home so we all ventured out to the local library that were having a jubilee event. It was mainly some crafts and a few games. Bee didn’t want to do any crafts so while she looked for some books, Minu had a go at some of the games (or rather tried to chew them). Also got Minu her library card while we were there…they also gave a goody bag. Then decided to try the local cafe and see how Minu was….thankfully she was pretty chilled out there and sat in the baby highchair and allowed me to eat. We stole some of her sisters strawberries on her pancakes as Minu loves strawberries.

Day 153 – Thursday 02 June

Hubby was off work today and decided to head to park for a little while as have a new outdoor toy to review. Eldest stayed at home as she wanted to revise. As she had been out yesterday we let her stay at home. Due to it actually being a nice day and the Jubilee bank holiday weekend it was petty busy. We had a walk around and Bee and her dad played the game. Minu just wanted to pull the daisies and eat them.

Day 154 – Friday 03 June

Eldest turned 16 today! I can’t believe I have a 16 year old. I had asked her what she wanted but she is not into jewellery, or make up or anything specific. She just wanted some books to read. So got her the books, a Star wars model as she’s into star wars at the moment, a sweet tooth treats box…and then also paid for her and 4 friends to go to our local buffet to eat. Usually we would go for a day out but her mind is on her exams, so spent most of the day at the grandparents house. She initially wasn’t going to invite anyone and do something after the exams and I said that everyone needs a break and to eat…so when she asked they were all happy to come. Just sharing a reel too with all the decorations and cake.

Day 155 – Saturday 04 June

Spent the day at home. We aren’t really into the Jubilee celebrations and hate going anywhere busy so just watched what was happening on TV. No pictures today.

Day 156 – Sunday 05 June

My birthday. Hubby for once had actually ordered me a cake rather than a shop bought one. It was really tasty. He suggested we go to Leicester to eat, but Minu was really grumpy today due to teething so I didn’t fancy trying an hour journey with her in that mood. So he got us takeaway instead.

Day 157 – Monday 06 June

A quiet day now the older two are back at school. Minu had a really long nap once they had gone to sleep…think she was catching up with her sleep while it was quiet!

Day 158 – Tuesday 07 June

Back to our baby group today. It was nice to get out to be honest…being at home all the time can get a bit depressing!

Day 159 – Wednesday 08 June

We have been getting some nice weather recently so been spending some time in the garden. Minu likes going into the kitchen and has taken to standing by the fridge…I think it means she wants something to eat!!

Day 160 – Thursday 09 June

I had seen a few books on offer for £2.50 and £3 so had ordered them. They arrived today. Can’t wait to read them all. In the evening I popped to the Scouts meeting as had to check a volunteers documents. I then ended up staying as the new Beavers were being invested and I had to invest a new leader. Eldest came home frustrated with her Physics exam as she said that a topic was covered in the exam that they had been told would not be assessed in the exam…so the kids hadn’t revised it. I checked twitter and there was an uproar on there as the question was worth 9 marks.

Also got an email from the eldest’s school that some days will be study leave in the final 2 weeks left. That is good as eldest says she can’t revise at school.

Day 161 – Friday 10 June

We usually go to a baby group Friday mornings. But Minu has changed her routine and now normally naps at that time. Also to be honest with all the rising costs of living, I have decided to cut back on some of the paid for groups we attend. They just wont be sustainable in winter when the heating goes back on in the house and our bills go high. Will need to find some local free ones and see if we like them. Bee also received a special book as part of the Jubilee celebrations. It’s actually a pretty good book and have told Bee to look after it well. Also checked Twitter re the physics exam drama and it appears the exam board have acknowledged it and said everyone will be awarded the 9 marks.

Also managed to get a post live about a Tin Can Alley game from Jaques of London.

Day 162 – Saturday 11 June

A quiet Saturday. Bee hadn’t wanted to go to karate in the morning as it was a warm day, but with belt testing coming up I don’t want her to miss classes. Spent some time in the garden with Minu when it got a bit cooler in the afternoon. Our garden is south facing and we don’t get much shade.

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