Week 33 of Project 365

Not a great week with Minu getting a fever and the other two girls not feeling well by the end of the week.

Day 226 – Sunday 14 August

A bit of archery in the garden in the evening once it had cooled down a bit. Nephew had popped round and he and Bee had a bit of a competition.

Day 227 – Monday 15 August

A quiet day at home. We don’t like this heat. Hubby got us some cake before he went to work.

Day 228 – Tuesday 16 August

Minu wasn’t feeling well as the day went on and started getting a temperature. She was also off her food. So a day spent carrying her around as she was clingy. A day of calpol.

Day 229 – Wednesday 17 August

Minu’s temperature was worse today….so a lot of cuddles and calpol. Hubby took Bee to the cinema to watch Minions: Rise of Gru as he had promised her…then in the afternoon he wasn’t feeling great himself….so two sick people today!

Day 230 – Thursday 18 August

Thankfully Minu had no temperature today….but her dad was still feeling rough and Minu was still grumpy and clingy. I managed to get a post live about Books2Door while she napped. Still a bit off her food though. Although we had a relatively good day, we had a rough night. From 12am to 2am she had on off hysterical crying and seemed to have a stomach ache.

Day 231 – Friday 19 August

Minu was a bit grumpy but no temperature so decided to get out for some fresh air. But she was pretty grumpy outdoors too. We stopped to get some bubble tea as it was the shops 3rd birthday…and then headed to our local country park for a walk around. Got some duck food from their shop but most of the ducks seemed to be hiding…Minu wasn’t sitting much in her pushchair and wanted to be carried; I was tired from carrying her around the last few days and it was pretty warm so we soon came home. In the evening I noticed a big blister on her foot and some small spots on her leg and thinking she may have Hand, Foot and Mouth, which would explain her grumpiness and her being off her food. I had initially thought the fever might be a reaction to the vaccines she had last week but not I am not so sure. By the end of the day the eldest and Bee were saying they weren’t feeling great.

Day 232 – Saturday 20 August

Can’t quite decided if Minu has hand , foot and mouth or not. The blister on her foot is bigger and noticed a small one on her hand and stomach. She is also still pretty grumpy. A family friend phoned to say they wanted to visit but told them I think it’s best if they stay away as not sure what the girls have. Bee didn’t go karate as she said she wasn’t feeling great but eldest looked worse. I ordered them some fish and chips for lunch (I tired the masala fish which was quite nice) and then eldest went to bed as she was feeling rough. We had been meaning to go to a local university’s open day and fun day for the families to introduce the university but sadly we couldn’t go as all the girls were feeling rough.

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