Week 34 of Project 365

A mixed week of not feeling great, venturing out….and celebrations.

Day 233 – Sunday 21 August

The kids weren’t feeling great so just chilled at home. No pictures.

Day 234 – Monday 22 August

I woke up with a sore throat so took some paracetamol and hoped I didn’t get worse. Decided to just stay at home incase I was coming down with whatever the others had. Hubby came home with takeaway as he knew I was feeling rough.

Day 235 – Tuesday 23 August

We were all feeling brighter, Minu finally stopped being grumpy…so we decided to take a walk on the embankment and feed the ducks/swans/geese. I was holding Minu and didn’t notice one behind us, who decided to check if her leg was food. She was not impressed but thankfully there wasn’t a cut or anything.

Day 236 – Wednesday 24 August

I was planning to take Minu to an event at the local park but then hubby decided to take the day off and we ended up at West Lodge Farm. He initially said a theme park but I thought it would be boring for Minu….a farm is better for her to see the animals…and she loved it. Was a nice day. Have added a reel I made on instagram

Day 237 – Thursday 25 August

GCSE results day. Hubby dropped off the eldest to get her results and then I told him to get a balloon and card as I hadn’t arranged anything. She did well….with the equivalent of 7 A’s (2 high ones), a B and a C. Now to get ready for A-levels! We had been planning to go out for lunch but it was raining and Minu’s nose had started running again..so we ordered a takeaway and in the evening she went out for dessert with her friends.

Day 238 – Friday 26 August

A quiet day at home. Took Bee to karate in the evening and popped to the shops to kill some time. Got some treats.

Day 239 – Saturday 27 August

While Bee was at karate we popped to one of mums friends houses as she had tried to come meet Minu twice but on both occasions Minu hadn’t been well and I stopped them. So I went round instead as felt bad. Then an afternoon of chilling. No photos.

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