Review: Have fun discovering Unicones

Disclosure: We received Unicones for the purposes of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

If your children are fans of unicorns then they are sure to love Unicones!

What are Unicones?

The name does give a bit away about what Unicones are all about! Unicones are a sweet ice cream cone and each cone hides a sweet and sparkly unicorn which comes with its own unique slime (unicorn poop)! And thats not all. Each cone contains a variety of accessories and stickers allowing you to decorate your unicorn in your own style.

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When you unwrap the cone it comes apart in 4 sections. 1 section contains the unicorn, and the others have all the accessories you need.

What’s in each pot?

In the main pot you can discover which unicorn you have along with the wings.

In pot 1 you will find your unicorns accessories. For example with our first unicorn the pot contained the headphones.

In pot 2 you have all you need to decorate your unicorn such as stickers and decals.

Finally in pot 3 you have the glitter for the ‘unicorn poo’.

What did we think?

Bee always loves a surprise so she couldn’t wait to open up the unicones to see what unicorns were in the cones. What is great about them is you can decorate the unicones as you like, and if you collect more you can mix and match the accessories. The unicorn slime also brings an element of fun to the unicorns.

To see more of the unicorns and the accessories you can watch our reel on instagram.

Collect them all

There are 12 characters to collect with rare, super rare and ultra-rare characters. Unicones are available to purchase at Amazon. (RRP £13.99 each)

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