Weeks 31 and 32 of Project 365

Day 212 – Sunday 31 July

Continuing with the 1 year birthday celebrations. we took Minu to soft play. It is the first time she had been and she loved it. The place had changed since I had last been there and they now have an amazing sensory area for the little ones.

Day 213 – Monday 1 August

Hubby decided to not go to work and we could go somewhere. I hate last minute things as I like to plan what we are going to do. We ended up at Cambridge but to be honest the kids found it boring. One museum was shut and the others didn’t really interest the girls. Went on the big wheel in the park, had some food and came home. Considered punting but it was just too expensive plus I had visions of Minu trying to jump off the boat.

Day 214 – Tuesday 2 August

A quiet day at home after our recent adventures. Had a delivery yesterday and the box was fun for Minu!

Day 215 – Wednesday 3 August

Another quiet day at home. Not liking going out while it is warm. Minu was busy with her toys. I try to tidy up but she just throws everything out.

Day 216 – Thursday 4 August

Not much happening today. Tried dark chocolate Maltesers. They were ok but not something I would buy again.

Day 217 – Friday 5 August

Decided to head into town and do some final bits of school uniform shopping. Then headed to Oodles Chinese which were opening today. But they hadn’t opened yet at 12.30…..they opened at 3pm. When I did a story on instagram that we missed the opening they kindly offered us a voucher for 2 boxes to use on Monday. We also went into Waterstones after a long time…I like book shops. When we got home there was a parcel waiting for us from Abeec toys as Bee had won a competition at the Blog on Kids event.

Day 218 – Saturday 6 August

We had received some paint sticks when we went to the Blog on Kids event and we had a play around with them too. We like them and will be getting some for Minu when she is old enough to use them. They are recommended for ages 3+.

Day 219 – Sunday 7 August

Had forgot we had an archery set so dug that out for Bee to play. But she said it’s boring to play by herself, she had a few goes and then didn’t bother.

Day 220 – Monday 8 August

We headed into town as had to pick up some things I had ordered and return some items that didn’t fit Bee, and headed over to Oodles to use our voucher we got on Friday. The staff were clueless about the vouchers and made me feel really uncomfortable but gave us the 2 free boxes. The food was nice but Minu was being a bit difficult so I couldn’t enjoy it properly. The girls loved it though and want to try it again soon. We then headed to Heavenly Desserts while we were in town for the Chai and Chat event where we get a free drink.

Day 221– Tuesday 9 August

Minu’s 1 year immunisations. I almost cancelled as didn’t want to deal with a grumpy baby and the heat. But then decided to get them over and done with. It is not as though we are going anywhere in the heat and I’d rather be at home if she is going to have a reaction. She was fine until the afternoon and then got extremely grumpy even though I was giving her calpol. She barely ate but was having her milk. In the evening headed out to a local soft play where there wa sa charity event happening for just ladies and their kids. I had decided not to go as Minu was grumpy but then I got a text from a friends daughter – I had suggested they go too so we could meet up. So quickly got ready and took the girls. Minu played for a bit but she clearly wasn’t herself. I psyched myself up for a rough night but she actually slept really well. Managed to get a post live about Back to School shopping for Very who had sent us some school uniform.

Day 222 – Wenesday 10 August

Minu woke up a bit grumpy but was soon back to her normal self. Hubby had an appointment at 10am and then decided not to go to work. He treated to Ice Blasts from the local shop….its the start of a 4/5 day heatwave. Not looking forward to it.

Day 223 – Thursday 11 August

The heat is horrible. We have no shade in the garden until late afternoon, Minu won’t wear a sun hat…and she gets really grumpy as she wants to play in the garden. Took her out for a little bit as there was a breeze but had to try to distract her indoors until the afternoon.

Day 224 – Friday 12 August

Blood test at 9am for a full blood count. Had to go for the hand again as she failed at the arm. Thankfully didn’t feel faint this time. Minu was also really grumpy all day and I was a bit stressed too. Then she got stung by what I think was a honey bee. So cue more screaming. Thankfully she soon calmed down and her hand was only slightly swollen.

Day 225 – Saturday 13 August

It’s been a hot few days of doing nothing and Minu was extremely grumpy yesterday. Decided to go to soft play for a bit as they have air conditioning. This was a different one to the one we went on her birthday but she loved it again.

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