Week 36 of Project 365

Day 247 – Sunday 4 September

Did a spot of batch booking for Minu so I have a stash of things in the freezer for her lunch for when she is being difficult and not letting me do anything. With the kids back at school tomorrow I won’t have their help during the day. Had a go at raspberry clafoutis….they ended up a bit burned….even though I gave them the least amount of time the recipe suggested. Still tasted pretty nice though…the older girls liked them.

Day 248 – Monday 5 September

Back to school for the older 2 girls..Year 5 and sixth form. Bee was so excited to get back and get stuck into Year 5. Minu missed her sisters and was very subdued…she just lay there on the the floor for a while!

Day 249 – Tuesday 6 September

A quiet day at home. The group we usually go to on a Tuesday doesn’t start until next week so just spent some time in the garden.

Day 250 – Wednesday 7 September

Food shopping in the morning with hubby….was shocked at all the price increases! Then a quiet day at home until the school run. Minu is a climber and I am forever getting her off the sofa and the radiator behind the sofa!

Day 251 – Thursday 8 September

No pictures today. The death of the Queen. As soon as I heard the family were rushing to go to Balmoral I knew this was it, if she hadn’t already passed she soon would. I am not a massive Royal fan but it was sad to hear and see the emotion.

Day 252 – Friday 9 September

I am not a massive fan of Charles but I really feel for him that he can’t even have a full day to himself to grieve with his family before he has to face the circus of the media, the public and start following all the procedures to officially recognise him as king. His heart must be breaking but he has to put on a public face and get on with it.

I took Minu to a Stay and Play group that I used to take Bee to when she was little (when they used to be Sure Start Centres). They are now run by Barnados and to my surprise there was a staff member there who recognised me! It was nice to see her and put me more at ease. Minu was so confident and immediately got stuck in. She even went and sat by the staff member when it was time for singing. We will be going back weekly.

Day 253 – Saturday 10 September

Bee at karate while myself and the eldest watched Sky News and the ascension. Then picked up some Brownies that were being sold to raise funds for the Pakistan floods. Over 1/3 of the country is under water….so many have died and been made homeless…but feels like others just don’t care. They are brown and majority Muslim, so who cares?

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