Unleash your child’s creativity with Paint Pop Paint Sticks

Painting is great for a child’s development in various ways as it stimulates their brain. Painting can be used to express emotions, explore colour and simply be creative. But the mess that can come with painting is not something every parents looks forward to, and it can stop parents from using paints often.

Thats where Paint Pop Paint Sticks can help with the fear of cleaning up after a painting session! These handy paint sticks are great to help introduce your child to mark making, painting and just doodling.

What are Paint Pop Paint Sticks?

So what are Paint Pop Paint Sticks. Basically they are what they are called….paint in a stick!

How to use Paint Pop Paint Sticks?

Paint Pop Sticks are a nice, chunky shape which is ideal for little hands and are so easy to use with their twist and paint action. You simply take off the cap and twist the tube to push the paint upwards, and you are ready to get creative! Not just for use on paper, Paint Pop Paint Sticks can be used on card, canvas, wood and even glass. After you are done, you simply wipe clean from glass and whiteboards using a damp cloth.

Benefits of using Paint Pop Paint Sticks

If the thought of messy paint makes you come out in a sweat like me, then these Paint Pop Paint Sticks are for you! They are mess free and fast drying, often in under 60 seconds. As the paint is smooth and glide on then there is no need for water or brushes…so no cleaning up brushes afterwards either!

In addition to this, the paints are water-soluble and non-toxic, and all packs and tubes are readily recyclable.

What do we think?

As a mum that isn’t keen on mess, these are great for the children. Bee and even her elder sister had a go with them to create some pictures, but these will also be ideal for when Minu is older to introduce her to the paint sticks and painting. The paint sticks are recommended for ages 3+ which I think is to do with the cap being a small part.

We love the different colours and apart from the classic colours, you can also get metallic and neon colours. They make perfect gifts as well in their different formats such as the fun tub and giant storage tube!

If you like the look of these and want to give them a try, they are available at Very.

You can see the paint sticks in action in our instagram reel.

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