Weeks 37 and 38 of Project 365

Completely forgot to do the post last week so a two week update today!

Day 254 – Sunday 11 September

Popped into town to go to The Entertainer not realising its shut on Sunday’s. Ended up in Waterstones and came out with some books. Then got some Oodles which we brought home to eat.

Day 255 – Monday 12 September

Worked on an instagram post for some books we were sent to review. We love these Nosey Crow books.

Day 256 – Tuesday 13 September

Found an outfit that Minu had been gifted when she was born which now finally fits her, only to discover it still has it’s security tag on it. After googling and some suggestions from followers on how to get it off, I eventually gave up. Hubby got it off with a hammer a few days later.

Day 257 – Wednesday 14 September

We received a new product that is about to be launched, for Minu to try out and to get some photos of her. I had agreed to do it but afterwards when I stopped and thought about it, I do way too much for free. I really should start charging for things. Takes so much time and effort.

Day 258 – Thursday 15 September

Bee’s 10th birthday today. I hadn’t planned anything as she has a party on Saturday. Plus after school she was at karate until 8. But her dad got her a cake which we cut when she got back. Her cousin and grandparents popped round too to help cut it, so it was a nice evening.

Day 259 – Friday 16 September

A quiet day. Minu spent pretty much all day dragging her sister’s birthday balloons from one room to another.

Day 260 – Saturday 17 September

Party day. I had booked a laser tag party at the local soft play from 5.30pm to 7.30pm. From 6pm we had the place to ourselves and all the kids had a blast! They turn the lights down, blast the music and then its all about the laser games. Sadly the toddler area is closed at 6pm, but Minu still had fun running around the tables. I had to keep her away from the main area incase the kids bumped into her…was exhausted rushing around after her for 2 hours!! I also did cupcakes as felt it was easier and to be honest I didn’t want to pay around £70 for a cake when I had paid for the party. You can watch our instagram reel about the party.

Day 261 – Sunday 18 September

A quiet day recovering from the party yesterday. Got a few lovely messages from the parents to say thank you and that their kids had really enjoyed the party. No pictures today.

Day 262 – Monday 19 September

The Queens funeral. Pretty much all day was spent watching it even though I wouldn’t say I am a massive Royal fan. But this was history in the making. It was pretty sad. Didn’t take any pictures.

Day 263 – Tuesday 20 September

Minu has had a runny nose, although no temp….but decided to keep her away from the groups we go to this week. I don’t want to pass on anything to other children. I always hate it when I see sick kids at groups. Tried out some peanut butter and banana flapjacks for Minu – she seemed to like them.

Day 264 – Wednesday 21 September

I had been planning to try out a new toddler group I had found which was just £1 a session but Minu’s nose was still pretty runny. Spent some time in the garden as it was a bit milder. She is fascinated by my fuchsia bushes and always goes to pull off the flowers!

Day 265 – Thursday 22 September

Eye test today, been 2 years since my last one. I have worn glasses for distance since I was a child…but it appears that my near vision has weakened too. I was suspicious it had as I was struggling a bit with fine print. They have now recommended varifocal lenses. So had to pick some new glasses. I don’t do designer things….but I do treat myself when it comes to the glasses and got some Karen Millen glasses. However I almost fell off my seat when I found out how much the lenses would cost me……next time it will be cheaper glasses!!

Day 266 – Friday 23 September

No pictures today. Had a very unsettled night last night with Minu and I was tired and grumpy. Didn’t have the energy to take her baby group now that her nose is better, so just chilled at home. Well tried to..she was pretty grumpy too until she went down for her nap.

Day 267 – Saturday 24 September

No karate for Bee today as they were belt testing at the dojo. I had wanted to go to the shops but eldest has now come down with a cold. So we all stayed at home. Did some work on some blog reviews….managed to get a blog post about Paint Pop Paint Sticks live.

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