AD: Protecting the Planet with Super Cute Little Babies

It is important to me that my girls experience nature and are conscious about being environmentally friendly. And that is where the Super Cute Little Babies can help!

What are Super Cute Little Babies?

Super Cute Little Babies are a brand new toy range from Flair GP. The Super Cute Little babies are on a mission to educate others on how to protect the planet and have super powers. The super powers have been chosen to protect the environment and their aim is also to teach children how to love and respect nature.

There are 5 Super Cute Little Babies and they have their own unique power:

  • Kala – can control the water
  • Regi – can control ice
  • Gabi – can control the sun
  • Sofi – can control plants
  • Sisi – can control the wind

Features of Super Cute Little Babies

  • 1x Super Cute Glitzy Cool Doll (26cm tall)
  • 1x Reversible Outfit
  • 1x Mask
  • 1x Super Feeding Bottle
  • 1x Dummy
  • 1x Comb
  • 1x Brush

The Super Cute Little Babies are a 2-in-1 doll and they become superheroes when they drink from their magic bottle! Look after your doll by brushing her hair, soothing her with her dummy and feeding her. Once she has had her bottle, her symbol lights up and you can hear the power-up sounds; that means she is ready to be a superhero! From an adorable infant they become planet-saving heroes as their outfits are reversible. The bib changes to a cape and the nappies and booties change into a glitzy outfit. And don’t forget to add the mask!

Our Thoughts:

The dolls are recommended for ages 4+ but Bee at age 10 still loved the concept of the Super Cute Little Babies. We received Kala who can control water. It is so important to be aware of water wastage and to try to save water where we can. There are a number of things we can do to save water and one easy way is to ensure we don’t leave the tap running when brushing our teeth! Kala can help remind the children of this and all the dolls are aimed at inspiring children to embrace more sustainable habits and adopt positive behavioural changes.

The dolls look cute both as an infant and as superheroes. It is easy to transform them with the reversible outfits and we love that the bibs have their name on it. Personally I would have liked to have seen more hair rather than the majority being plastic but there is enough to brush gently.

The dolls are a lovely concept to aid your children to be environmentally aware and to help motivate families to lead more sustainable lives. The Super Cute Little Babies are available from Tesco or Entertainer. (Batteries not included).

The dolls also have their own You Tube Channel, which you can see us watching in our Instagram Reel.

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