2022 – Week 24 and 25 of Project 365

Another 2 week catch up. Honestly not sure if I will be continuing with these updates….not much happening really. It’s been a relatively quiet two weeks while the eldest gets on with her exams.

Day 163 – Sunday 12 June

Usual quiet Sunday…..didn’t take any pictures.

Day 164 – Monday 13 June

Had my annual diabetic review and had more bloods done. The nurse was confident that she could get blood out even after I told her how difficult everyone finds me…..but then failed and had to go for the vein in my hand. Just wish they would go straight to the hand rather than put me through the trauma of jabbing me in the arm for nothing. Found these sweets in the local Islamic shop…slightly addicted to them now!

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Stay Active with Sling ball – AD

With all that has been going on the last few years, we haven’t been overly active and that clearly needs to change. Staying active is so important for your health. Bee has her karate to go to 3 times a week but if I am honest the rest of us really need to get a

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2022 – Week 19 of Project 365

Day 128 – Sunday 08 May Spent Sunday tidying up the house and cleaning the kitchen. No pictures as nothing interesting happened. Day 129 – Monday 09 May Nephew phoned after work asking if we wanted a takeaway. We had already eaten so then he brought some dessert over saying its the last night to

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2022 – Week 17 and 18 of Project 365

Day 114 – Sunday 24 April Had been planning to go to the park to do an instagram reel for some Dr Zigs bubbles we had been sent, but it was just too windy. So did the reel in the garden. Noticed this plant had finally flowered, have had it a couple of years.

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2022 – Week 15 and 16 of Project 365

Ramadan is leaving me busy and tired. We aren’t going out much but I have been falling a bit behind with the blog. Day 100 – Sunday 10 April We had been sent a coming of age box for Bee (for when the time comes). Did an instagram reel of it: coming of age hamper. And

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2022 – Week 14 of Project 365

Ramadan started this week so for the next 4 weeks there will not be much happening. It is the easter holidays but between fasting and the eldest studying for her exams, we have nothing planned. Day 93 – Sunday 3 April First fast for us today. Wasn’t too bad waking up and thankfully Minu stayed

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The Most Exciting Eid by Zeba Talkhani and Abeeha Tariq

Disclosure: We received The Most Exciting Eid from Scholastic for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own. If you are looking for a fun, heartwarming and colourful book about Eid with a heart warming message this year then The Most Exciting Eid is a box that ticks those boxes. Safa is

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Get creating with Pom Pops – Review

Disclosure: We received Pom Pops for the purposes of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own. If your children love surprises and also creating things, then Pom Pops will be perfect for them. Pom Pops is a new concept and can bring hours of fun for your children as they use their imagination to

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2022 – Week 13 of Project 365

Final week of term before the Easter holidays and the start of Ramadan. Day 86 – Sunday 27 March My family don’t do anything for mothers day for me but I always get mum some cakes or flowers…we have never really done mothers day in a big way. Got her some cupcakes shaped like a

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