Project 366 – 29th April to 5th May

Week 18

Usual routine, but we made an appearance on our local radio station to talk about our Scouts group.

Monday Met up with a friend at Inflatation. Minu actually went down the biggest slide and I had a go too! Then popped to Works which was next door and got some colouring books to keep her entertained for the afternoon.

Tuesday We were going to head to the park to feed the Squirrels as we had some peanuts, but then a friend suggested we head to hers as she couldn’t leave due to builders at the house. Minu had a nice morning with her friends…and then she actually had a nap in the afternoon. She hasn’t had one in ages!

Wednesday Our Wednesday toddler group. She had fun with a bit of painting.

Thursday Our outdoor group this morning. Then headed to a Walk and Talk with other mums in the park. Took peanuts for the Squirrels but there weren’t as many around today! In the afternoon cut the grass before headed to Scouts to talk to someone about being our chair. Then late evening did a bit of weeding.

Friday Weather not great today and I was tired from the gardening yesterday so just relaxed at home. In the evening headed to our local radio station for the Muslim Community to talk about our Scouts group. I was so nervous before and during it but I think I came across ok. No pictures today, just sharing the FB post for the radio.

Saturday The sun finally made a proper appearance, so Minu was out in the garden for most of the day. Did some washing and cooking. And the eldest cleaned out Fidget. Felt a bit fed up though that the husband is always at work on weekends so we don’t have proper family time.

Sunday Headed to the shops to get Minu some sand for the sand table, ended up buying some sand related toys too. Minu spotted a Cinderella dress in the clearance and wanted that too. Stopped off at the parents and she put her dress on there and then didn’t take it off till bedtime. A lot of garden play today and I continued with the weeding I had started earlier in the week. Got a decent amount done.

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