Project 366 – 6th May to 12th May

Week 19

A week I decided to start potty training due to the nice weather we finally got.

Monday Bank holiday Monday. Just spent it at home and didn’t do much. Bee found an old princess dress of hers in her wardrobe and she got it out for Minu. Who then wore it all day.

Tuesday Dad had been asking me to go with him to the garden centre to get some plants. Finally went today, they got some plants and I used up my 2 free drinks. I get the monthly but never really make use of them. Minu of course had to get something….we decided on some bubbles.

Wednesday Usual toddler group today. Straight after went to look at a venue for starting up the Scouts section. Then just relaxed at home until school run time.

Thursday Blood test in the morning to check my blood glucose levels and then straight to her group. It is meant to get hot over the next few days, so after we had been to our outdoor group, I decided to take off Minu’s nappy and start potty training. I have been able to get her to use the toilet now and then, and she is usually dry in the mornings….so I am thinking she is ready. Every time I ask her does she want to go, she will….which is a good sign…..

Friday Potty training all day and didn’t get a chance to take photos. Yesterday went well, today was hard work. She will go when I ask but if I forgot to ask she wets herself……decided to order a potty training reward chart.

Saturday A hot weekend but didn’t go anywhere due to the potty training. A couple of accidents again when I forgot to take her….but she did come and tell me she had had an accident. The reward chart arrived and then there was a tantrum as she wanted to put all the stickers on in one go…and then kept saying she needed to go when she didn’t……give me strength! Ended up ordering a takeaway – got the loaded fries….just felt like there was may too much sauce though at the bottom.

Sunday Another day of potty training, more accidents and a reluctance to sit on the toilet….I almost gave up but decided to stick with it a bit longer…..I hate potty training. While home I decided to try and do a deeper clean of the kitchen and conservatory. Also moved some of the fairy lights from the stairs that I had put up for Eid and put them on Minu’s toddler bed.

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