Tips for a good night’s sleep

Disclaimer: I am no means an expert, these are just things that have worked for me. This page may contain affiliate links to amazon products.

Want a good night’s sleep? With such busy lifestyles, sometimes sleep is not prioritised. However, sleep is so important as it helps rest the body and mind, which in turn benefits you in a number of ways, such as reducing stress, helping you focus the next day and much more. Therefore it is important to try to get a good nights sleep by implementing some changes and finding out what works for you to gain a good nights sleep.

Avoid Technology

I must admit, I am on technology more than I really should be. My phone is constantly on me and I am known for my almost immediate replies to messages. Technology can stimulate your mind, delaying sleep, so it is best to try to stop using technology an hour or so before bed. Leave your phone in another room if you can, so you aren’t tempted to pick it up and start scrolling!

Do something relaxing

If you are avoiding technology in the evening, then doing something you find relaxing may help you sleep. For example reading a book. Especially with children, reading books before bedtime can help relax them. I personally find adult colouring a nice relaxing way to end the evening. If you enjoy colouring then this is the perfect way to calm your brain down which in turn will relax you and may help you sleep. You can find adult colouring books on Amazon.

Keep active and eat well

Food can have an effect on your sleep. Food items high in sugar could affect your sleep so best to avoid them before bed. Keeping active during the day could also help improve sleep quality. Doing some exercise gentle exercise daily may help with your sleep routine.

Have a comfortable bed and pillows

We spend a fair amount of time in our beds, relaxing and sleeping, so why not invest in a quality mattress and pillows. Your bed and pillows can really affect whether you have a good night’s sleep or not. There are a range of beds available including simba beds. There are a variety of mattresses available including firm and also memory foam. Pillows also vary, with new technology such as hybrid pillows where you can adjust the pillow to your preferred height and softness.

Have a routine

Having a routine can really help get a good nights sleep. If you can, try to ensure you go to bed around a certain time and wake up at a certain time and your body will programme itself to those times.

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