Project 366 – 27th May to 2 June

Week 22

Half term but didn’t do much, felt a bit rough by the end of it with a cough and slight temperature. Life is going on but my thoughts are constantly with what is happening in Palestine and Rafah.

Monday A quiet day at home. Although it is half term we don’t have much planned this time. Eldest is studying hard for her A Levels and the weather isn’t great. Noticed Minnie in the box I had put in the conservatory to throw out….she was sleeping in it rather than her bed! Managed to do a post about a game we have had for a while Qu’ran Match.

Tuesday Headed to the park as the National Literacy Trust were holding an event. Planted some seeds but then didn’t do all the activities as it started to rain a lot. They had some shows which were thankfully indoors so could escape from the rain a bit. Minu did sit to start watching a magic show, but there were children from a nursery there and they decided it would be the best time for the kids to eat their food so had all their packed lunches out….and Minu decided she was hungry too and stopped watching the show. My bag was at the back of the hall with the husband and had to ask some adults to move out the way to get to it to get to her snacks…and then we just decided to leave.

Wednesday Toddler group in the morning and Bee came along with us. It is always nice for her to come to this one with us as she used to go to it as a toddler. Noticed some more of my climbing clematis had flowered.

Thursday and Friday Started feeling a bit rough with a sore throat and headache so didn’t do much and just stayed at home. Must admit there was more screen time than I would have liked involved these two days!

Saturday The eldest turns 18 next week but she doesn’t want a fuss on the day as she has revision sessions and exams. So decided to do the balloons and cake this weekend. Went and collected the balloons today as the place is shut on Sundays.

Sunday Finally a sunny day. Did debate whether to go out somewhere but we were quite happy at home in the garden. Did the eldest’s cake today and went out to eat in the evening – she has 3 exams next week so didn’t want to celebrate on her birthday as she said she would be busy revising. The cake was really nice but too chocolatey even for me! But that is what the eldest asked for!

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