Qur’an Match – A Fun and Matching and Memory Game

Looking for a fun and educational game for the family? Then Qur’an Match, a fun matching and memory game with animals, foods and objects from the Qur’an is perfect.

What is Qur’an Match?

Qur’an Match is an educational game for 3-9 year olds (but even adults will have fun playing it!) It is a memory game but also helps the children learn about animals, foods and objects mentioned in the Qur’an and the surahs they are found in. Suitable for 2-4 players.

Whats in the box?

  • 1 instruction leaflet
  • 40 item cards
  • 4 boards with list of items and the surah they relate to
  • 4 playing boards to place the items

How to play Qur’an Match?

The aim of the game is to be the first to collect all the animals, foods and objects from the Qur’an that are on your board.

Each player picks a lost and the corresponding board (colour coordinated). The item cards must be spread face down. The youngest player starts and picks an item card. If the item matches an item on their list they place it on the board, otherwise they show the card to the other players and put it back. The next player takes their turn.

What did we think?

This is a simple memory game that can be played with all the family. What I liked about it is that it is adaptable for the younger children. If they can’t read they can use the side of the board with pictures, while the older children who can read and may have more knowledge about the surahs can use the side with the surah names.

The game is also educational in that as parents you can have discussions about which surah the items are in and talk about the surah and the context in which the items are in that surah. It helps develop memory and observational skills in the little ones; Minu who is just under 3 absolutely loves playing it already.

You can find out more and purchase the game from Muslim Childrens Books Qur’an Match Game.

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