Week 39 of Project 365

A pretty uneventful week if I am honest.

Day 268 – Sunday 25 September

Eldest still not feeling great so no plans for today. Just a chilled day at home. Feeling the chill so got out the Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser and had a hot chocolate.

Day 269 – Monday 26 September

Decided to try out a new developmental play toddler group. They are charging £6 a session but thought we would give it a try. It was basically some sand, painting, water play and making a bird feeder with cheerios. And some stories. Minu had fun but I don’t think we will be returning….there were about 4 other children there who were older and talking…and to be honest she gets to do more at the free groups we go to. Maybe when she is a bit older will give it a go again. Also gave in and put the heating on….we can all cope with added layers but it is harder with the little one and I need to keep her warm…will just have to manage the bills somehow.

Day 270 – Tuesday 27 September

Toddler group in the morning which Minu enjoys. Popped to the shops after the school run. Went into Clarks to measure Minu’s feet and to ask if she needs proper shoes now (as she is still in pre-walkers). She is still the same size and can stay in pre walkers…so that saved me a bit of money. Saw this chocolate trifle in M&S and had to get it. Was quite nice.

Day 271 – Wednesday 28 September

Minu had a bit of an unsettled night for some reason, and I lacked the energy to take her to toddler group in the morning. She was in a grumpy mood too until she had her afternoon nap. Was glad when this day was over. No pictures.

Day 272 – Thursday 29 September

Had the boiler booked in for a service anytime between 8-1pm. Was fully expecting to be waiting for ages but he arrived at around 8.50am. However it was the longest service ever…usually the engineers are out within half an hour but this guy did it properly. He took around 45 mins to clean it….my boiler is around 15 years old and he said it looked like it hadn’t been cleaned properly…he was scrubbing parts in my bathroom sink! He replaced a part at the cost of £45 + VAT and said the boiler was fine. Stark contrast to the guy who did our boiler last year who made out we needed a new one. We almost spent on a new boiler until hubby ended up going abroad. SO glad we didn’t now as this engineer said the only benefit is that a new one would be more efficient, but as it stands ours is still working fine. Then a quiet afternoon…but during the night Minu got unwell with a runny nose and sounding chesty so a rough night again. No pictures again today.

Day 273 – Friday 30 September

Minu has another snotty nose…we have only just recovered from the last one and she’s unwell again. She doesn’t seem to have a temperature…just a runny nose and slight cough. So we didn’t go to the toddler group again. Kept her at home and warm. No pictures again. I seem to be stopping taking pictures!

Day 274 – Saturday 1 October

Tired as Minu had another rough night with her runny nose. Bee at karate in the morning and then a chilled afternoon, watching Hocus Pocus 2. It was ok, not as good as the first I don’t think. Tried out a salted caramel and white chocolate ice cream I had picked up at Aldi earlier in the week. I liked it. Managed to get a post live about Super Cute Little Babies while Minu was napping.

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