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Care Bears bring up so many childhood memories! The Care Bears have been around almost as long as I have with it being their 40th anniversary this year! I grew up with them and almost everyone I knew had a Care Bear, or at least knew about them if not. I love that my girls can also grow up with them like I did and now there are some new bears that are out now from Basic Fun Uk.

What are Care Bears?

The Care Bears are a group of multi coloured bears and are huggable BFFs living that sweet caring life. They lean on each other, embracing courage, determination and friendship in order to keep spreading those good caring vibes to the world.

Daydream Bear

Daydream Bear’s feet may be on the ground, but her head is always in the clouds. Daydream is forever envisioning new and exciting situations for herself and her friends. With all her daydreaming, this bear has to work hard to stay concentrated on the task at hand. Luckily, when she has a bit of trouble focusing every now and then, her friends are there to help her stay on track.

Daydream is a lovely indigo colour with her belly badge a heart shaped ring planet with the addition of stars. She is 14″ in size which makes her the perfect size for bear hugs and perfect to join you on your sharing and caring adventures. Both Bee and Minu love how soft and snuggly she is with even Minu, at 1 years old, giving her big massive hugs

Care Bears in the Collection

In addition to Daydream, the other two Care Bears in the collection are True Heart Bear and Superstar Bear.

True Heart Bear

True Heart Bear is a lovable, friendly and wise Care Bear who always tells the truth. Her belly badge is a multi-colored star with a glowing pink heart in its center. True Heart Bear shows how the best, truest part of each of us radiates from what’s in our heart.

Superstar Bear

Ready, set, go! Superstar Bear dazzles everyone with his positive attitude on and off court. Whether he wins or loses, Superstar Bear never gives up. Always trying his very best, he reminds us that at the center of every “star”, there is a big heart.

If you want to add these super cute plush bears to your collection then they are available to buy at Clintons.

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