Misfittens – Cat Plushies Review

Disclosure: We received Misfittens for the purposes of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Those of you who have followed us for a while know that we had a lovely cat called Rosie who we lost about a year and a half ago….and she was forever trying to get into small places and boxes that she couldn’t really fit into, with a fondness for baskets too.

Cat in a basket

So when we heard about Misfittens, we just had to try them out!

What are Misfittens?

Misfittens are cute Cats that mis-fit themselves into small places! And to emphasise that, each cat is mis fit into a container that feels like it should be too small for them!

How Many Misfittens can you collect?

With each Misfitten you get, you receive a collectors guide which shows you that there is a total of 12 to collect. From a Himalayan Cat to a Tabby Cat and even a Calico Cat, some are super rare! The collectors guide lets you know your cats name and their personality. For example, one of the cats we received was Fidget, described as ‘The Personal Assistant.’

However the fun initially starts with unwrapping your container as there are 6 unique designs, so the first surprise is seeing what container you get!

What Did We Think About Misfittens

Misfittens are such a fun and cute plush to have. From the surprise of the container to then finding out what cat you have, these are sure to be loved by all. Although you can get a rough idea of what can you may have from the tail colour! There are 3 tail colours and 4 cats with that tail colour.

The cats did initially feel like they were under stuffed but you need to give them a bit of a shake…but even then that is where the snugness and hug-ability comes in as they not over stuffed. Even the toddler has loved hugging them and holding them; they are great for her to touch and feel. You can have fun around the house with them, squeezing them into any small spaces you have.

And the fun bit, you can actually get them back into the container if you wish!

I just wish Rosie had still been with us today, as I know she would have loved them too – she loved anything soft!

See us opening our Misfitten in our Instagram reel!

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