Weeks 40 and 41 of Project 365

Day 275 – Sunday 2 October

A usual quiet Sunday. Decided to try making some Blueberry Muffins. They turned out really good. ALso managed to get a review post live about Care Bears.

Day 276 – Monday 3 October

Didn’t have much planned today. Hubby treated us to breakfast before he left for work.

Day 277 – Tuesday 4 October

Didn’t take Minu to her toddler group today as she’s got a runny nose again so kept her away to safe. Dad turned up for help contacting his insurers as someone hit his car.

Day 278 – Wednesday 5 October

Quiet day at home as Minu still has a runny nose so just kept her home and warm. No pictures.

Day 279 – Thursday 6 October

Went to collect my varifocals but decided not to start wearing them until the weekend incase I get headaches etc. Almost didn’t take Minu to a new group today which we were meant to try out last week but didn’t due to the boiler service, but ended up taking her as her runny nose seemed better. It’s a group I used to take Bee to and she absolutely loved it. Guess we will be signing up and returning!

Day 280 – Friday 7 October

Went to meet some friends at a cafe. I almost didn’t go as Minu was being grumpy and when I go into the city centre I usually have the hubby or girls with me to help. But am glad I went. I hadn’t seen these friends since before the pandemic and it was nice to get out…and Minu was surprisingly well behaved! I did leave though when she spotted a dog belonging to another customer and kept wanting to go to it.

Also got told that Dad’s car has been deemed a write off and he was well annoyed about that as he wants to keep the car. Told him the car will end up category N if he decides to keep it. He wasn’t understanding the concept that they feel it is just not economical to repair. It is a shame as although its old….theres only 15k mileage on it. I told him to decide what he wants to do…and asked the nephew to call the insurers in the morning.

Day 281 – Saturday 8 October

Started wearing my varifocals after I collected Bee from karate. They did feel strange and think they are going to take some getting used to.

Dad did stress me out a bit in the morning…he called saying he wants to keep the car so I said he will have to repair it himself….and he was like I will get solicitors and make them repair it and was just getting annoyed. And I must admit I got stressed myself….I just feel like I am made to deal with everything….I called my husband asking him to ring them and explain as they may take more notice of him but he realised how upset I was as I was saying I don’t have the fight left in me anymore to deal with this and fight with insurers and solicitors on their behalf…..and he turned his car back (he was on his way to work) and came home. Dad also came round and made me ring the insurers…where he had a bit of a go at them….but then ended up saying he wanted to keep the car and they will then send an offer.

Day 282 – Sunday 9 October

Hubby went shopping to get a few things…..I specifically said to him not to get chocolate as I get tempted and end up eating it all…..but he still did!

Day 283 – Monday 10 October

Eldest came out of school saying that something had happened to her laptop and she couldn’t access it. I was annoyed and said she could deal with it herself….but of course when we got home I did deal with it. Not that there was much I could do as we couldn’t get the recovery key and I couldn’t even reset it. A friend suggested I contact HP support as I couldn’t reset it and see what they say. As it was late I left it till the next day.

Dad got an offer through for his car claim and it was more than was expected so that was a nice surprise.

Day 284 – Tuesday 11 October

Took Minu to her toddler group. Today was all about being at a beauty salon and they had some pretty cool wigs for the kids to wear. Although Minu didn’t keep hers on for long. Then when the girls got home from school I rang HP. They agreed to help reset the laptop but to do that we needed another Windows laptop and a USB stick. We had one old laptop but it didn’t have enough memory for them to do what they needed. Our only options were to try and get Microsoft to give us the recovery key (from what I read online that wasn’t possible) or try to borrow a laptop. I did a shout out on FB but none of my local friends offered….and one said she was having the same problem with her laptop. I asked my nephew…and he popped round and said he should be able to get his friends laptop at the weekend.

Dads insurance has given him 30 days to repair the car and get it MOT’d or they will stop insuring it.

Day 285 – Wednesday 12 October

A quiet day, was going to take Minu to a toddler group but then just decided to stay at home. I had wanted to go to town with hubby so he could keep an eye on Minu while I got what I needed, but hubby ended up taking dad to some garages to get quotes for his car. I knew it would end up us having to deal with it. But once he came home he quickly took us to the shops before he headed to work. Managed to get a review post live about Misfittens while Minu napped in the afternoon.

Day 286 – Thursday 13 October

Hubby’s day off but he took my parents to Birmingham to see a relative who had had a baby son. I took Minu to her toddler group. She did get a bit grumpy towards the end as she needed to nap…I just wish this group was a little bit earlier. I took her to the outdoor bit as last week she was too busy indoors, and she loved the guinea pigs and wanted to get in with them! Bee also got star of the class at karate today.

Day 287 – Friday 14 October

Minu woke up earlier than usual today so almost didn’t take her to toddler group. We have only been to this once once…and then she got ill and I had some appointments. Ended up taking her as the fresh air would do us both good….and glad I did as she had fun. Has made me realise though that I need to get her better shoes as the grass was making these pre walkers really wet.

Nephew brought his friends laptop over and I rang HP support again. Although we managed to reset the laptop (they said Windows 10 was better than windows 11 so agreed to windows 10 but now not sure I should have), the wifi wasn’t working…..and she couldn’t fix it. I felt like I was fobbed off when she said she would schedule a call back on Monday. So I asked a friend who said to get an ethernet cable and download a network driver from their website. So I ordered one off Amazon to arrive tomorrow.

Day 288 – Saturday 15 October

Hubby had brought home cake yesterday evening on his way home from work….it was late so had them today….they were really nice.

Bee at karate in the morning and then I dropped off all the girls at the parents house as I had to complete my practical first aid training for the Scouts. I ended up being gone for just over an hour and it is the longest I have ever left Minu…..I was worried she would be upset with me or stressing out my parents, but thankfully she was fine and everyone managed to keep her distracted.

The ethernet cable arrived for the laptop but I then realised the laptop didn’t actually have an ethernet port…..so then back onto Amazon to order an adapter!

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