Weeks 51 and 52 of Project 365

Wow I cant believe we are already at the end of another year and another project 365. The last two weeks have been hard….Minu picked up another cold and I have just been feeling mentally drained. I need to start being more positive about life in general!

Day 352 – Sunday 18 December

A quiet Sunday as usual. Minu loves getting her books out and ‘reading’.

Day 353 – Monday 19 December

Seems like some schools have broken up in other cities but the girls are at school until Wednesday. Hubby unexpectedly got me some samosa chaat for lunch from Karak Chaii before he left for work. It was quite nice. We also rearranged the furniture in the living room as one of the sofas was in front of the radiator and blocking the heat. But when we put one by the window Minu used it to climb up and stand in the window…..so had to move it again.

Day 354 – Tuesday 20 December

Bee went on a school trip to Leicester Space Station and they were about 15 mins late when returning. Had to get Minu out of the car to have a wander around as she hates sitting in a stationery car for long. She enjoyed herself running up and down the path.

Day 355 – Wednesday 21 December

A quiet day at home. Not much happening and didn’t take any pictures. Had a webinar in the evening with the UK Muslim Scout Fellowship who were doing a talk on fundraising.

Day 356 – Thursday 22 December

I have been giving Minu her baths in a Munchkin inflatable duck bath but it was getting a bit mouldy in some areas so it was time to use the bath mat and the baby dam. Initially Minu was a bit confused but then loved having more space and playing with her new bath toys.

Day 357 – Friday 23 December

Spent most of the day at the parents. In the afternoon dad treated us to dessert from Creams.

Day 358 – Saturday 24 December

A quiet Saturday, just watching TV. My nephew had got Minu a new toy yesterday and she seems to like playing with it in short bursts! Although she appeared fine during the day she got very chesty at night and had a temperature…so we had a rough night. The online sales had all started so did a bit of shopping – I always use the sales to get the next size up in clothes – so Minu is now sorted.

Day 359 – Sunday 25 December

No pictures today. We don’t celebrate Christmas so just a normal day for us. Plus I was exhausted after the lack of sleep last night. Minu was off her food and just mainly had her milk. Another rough night as her nose was all congested.

Day 360 – Monday 26 December

Really tired and grumpy due to the lack of sleep. No pictures. Basically just watched TV and dealt with a whining toddler.

Day 361 – Tuesday 27 December

Minu seems to be OK during the day but at night is a nightmare as she’s very unsettled with her sleep. I suddenly remembered I had a humidifier so used that with drops of Snuffle babe in and we both had a much better nights sleep. Although not sure if it was the humidifier or simply because she was already over the worst of it.

Day 362 – Wednesday 28 December

Both of us a bit more refreshed today after a better sleep. Minu decided it was a good idea to tip all her toys out and stick the bag on her head. In the evening the eldest complained of a sore throat and feeling really cold. She must have picked up what Minu had.

Day 363 – Thursday 29 December

Hubby asked if we wanted to go anywhere. I didn’t feel like it and eldest was still feeling a bit rough so he took Bee for a day out alone. While we watched films and ordered a burger from a takeaway I have been meaning to try out for a long time. It was nice.

Day 364 – Friday 30 December

Another quiet one at home. Want to go to the shops but can’t be dealing with the crazy sales shopping. So another day of just chilling and TV. Minu now put the little basket on her head after taking the toys out of that one!

Day 365 – Saturday 31 December

Some of our sale parcels had arrived so we ventured out to collect them. Eldest also got some clothes ready for her trip to America next year. On the way home stopped at a local cafe. They had a Christmas tree up and I was scared Minu would pull it…but after initially having a look she wasn’t bothered.

We don’t have any plans for Christmas Eve, will probably be in bed……but see you all in 2023. Hope It is a good year for us all.

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