Project 365 – Week 1 of 2023

So here we are again. Another year of Project 365. I always debate whether to do it again at the start of each year, and this year was no different. But I am back so let’s do it. I am going to change the format though as don’t always have a decent picture every day and I am not going to share a picture just for the sake of it.

The first week has been quiet. I came down with a cold, clearly picked up whatever Minu had….and the older two girls returned to school. We also made a decision to get a cat!

Week 1 – 1st January to 7th January 2023

Day 1 – Sunday

Dad’s birthday today. Headed over to the parents house to give him his present but didn’t end up staying long. My throat started hurting and my head began to ache so just wanted to come home and rest up. Plus I didn’t want to pass anything to the parents.

Day 2 – Monday

Throat sore and coughing quite badly so another day at home. Took some time to take some pictures of a GoHenry card we have been sent. Think this will be ideal for when the eldest goes to America rather than having her take my bank card and using it as there are charges on my card. this one doesn’t….just hope it works well. (Will send her with my card as a back up though I think. There is an offer on if anyone uses my link (aff link): First 100 to sign up to GoHenry will get £10 and one month free when you activate. Use code FOZIA

Day 3 – Tuesday

Another day at home. Trying to soothe my throat, which was better than yesterday but still a slight cough.

Day 4 – Wednesday

Back to Minu’s toddler group and it was party time as she missed the party before Christmas as the sessions ended up cancelled due to sickness. The owner was happy for the other two girls to come along and when we got there it was so nice to see she had included them with a space each at the party table and also letting them have extras like chocolate coins. Have to admit though some of the parents didn’t play fair with the chocolate coin hunt – we were told 3-4 each and you could tell some had filled their stockings up with more. My older two girls hadn’t participated until the lady told them she had put extra out for them…but by then they only found 1 each. They had fun though, seeing where Minu goes weekly. Bee used to go there when she was younger but couldn’t remember much about it.

Day 5 – Thursday

Back to school for the older two. House was pretty quiet with it just being be and Minu at home again. Our Scouts group started back today in the evening and along with the Beavers it was the first Cub session too. The leaders held an information session for the parents and then the activities will start from next week.

Day 6 – Friday

Another quiet day at home today – we will be back to all our toddler groups next week. I saw this Terrys Chocolate Orange advertised on FB and had to try it. Hubby got it for me and I quite like it.

Day 7 – Saturday

We went to see Minnie who Cats Protection have suggested we may like to adopt. We met her at a local cattery and although she seemed friendly, I felt like she was also a bit timid. However the girls want to adopt her so I agreed. We got home and I completed the paperwork, paid the adoption fee and later received a call to say we could collect her in the morning. We are officially cat owners again. Praying she settles in as well as Rosie did when we got her.

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