Project 365 – Week 3 of 2023

Week 3 of 2023 and all bout toddler groups really!

Week 3 – 15th January to 21st January 2023

Day 15 – Sunday

A quiet day. Decided to bake a cake. Doesn’t look too great but it tasted really good. Going to practice making cakes as buying special personalised cakes on birthdays is getting too expensive. Can’t justify paying close to £100 for a cake unless its a significant birthday such as 18/21.

Day 16 – Monday

A quiet Monday. I did consider taking Minu out somewhere but ended up just staying at home. No pictures.

Day 17 – Tuesday

Toddler group in the morning. And once we got home she had really long nap!

Day 18 – Wednesday

Toddler group in the morning and then headed to a Muslim Mums meet up. I don’t often go to it as it clashes with Minu’s nap time but really needed to get out and have some decent adult conversation. Had lunch at the cafe and couldn’t resist the ferrero rocher cake again.

Day 19 – Thursday

Hubby’s day off and managed to convince him to come with us to a toddler group. They were having an open house where you could try a session for free. Minu seemed to enjoy it but eventually that we weren’t going to sign up. It is a 15 min drive away and as we are already going to two other paid groups I couldn’t justify paying for another….and it didn’t overly impress me anyway.

Day 20 – Friday

Took Minu to get a fringe cut. I hadn’t wanted to cut it but she wouldn’t let me put any clips or hair bows in to keep it away from her eyes. So had no choice. I was surprised that she sat quietly in my lap while the hair dresser did it. It is now so much better as she can see without hair in her eyes! Minnie is getting friendly and comes out to play with me while Minu is asleep. She does venture out to the living room but as soon as Minu sees her she gets frightened and runs off. But the fact she isn’t hiding as much is progress. Also managed to get a blog post live about a book: Learning to deal with loss.

Day 21 – Saturday

Bee at karate in the morning and when we went to pick her up we stopped off at the garden centre. Eldest got herself a new plant. Then a quiet afternoon just chilling at home and watching TV.

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