The Pros and Cons of Having a Pet Cat

We lost Rosie at the start of 2021 and it was heartbreaking. She was still relatively young at approximately 9 years old so it was a shock when she suddenly got ill. She was part of the family and we were lost without her.

We weren’t ready to get another cat as it felt like we were replacing her, but this year finally we opened up our home to another cat that was looking for her forever home. Meet Minnie who has finally found her home with us. The vets estimate her to be around 3 years old. She is settling in well but is wary of the toddler and tends to hide when she is awake.

We had Rosie for about 7 years and during that time we discovered a number of pros and cons in keeping a cat. Here are our top pros and cons.

Pros of keeping a cat

Low maintenance

Cats are generally low maintenance. They just need to be fed, watered and their litter tray kept clean. It is ideal to have some hiding spots for them to retreat to when they want to be alone and they will come to you when they need a bit of attention. They will however need flea and worm treatment and also vaccinations.

Reduce stress levels

There has been some research to suggest that petting cats can help reduce stress levels. I must admit that Rosie was my comfort on the days I was down.

Pest control

One of the reasons I initially got Rosie was because I spotted a mouse in the house. After humanely getting rid of a few I realised that I needed help to ensure they didn’t come back. Cats can also be good at getting rid of spiders for you if you are petrified of them like I am.

Good companion

It is often said that dogs make better companions but if you like a pet that doesn’t require too much fuss, doesn’t need walking daily, then a cat can be great company. Rosie would often come and sat by me while I was watching TV, blogging, cooking or gardening.

Teach your kids about looking after animals and respecting them

A cat is a great choice to teach your children about animals and respecting them. Cats need their space and can scratch if they feel unsafe and concerned, and children will learn to respect that. They will also learn about a cats needs and what it takes to care for them.

Cons of keeping a cat


Even if your cat has access to the garden, she will more than likely still use a litter tray. Having to keep the litter clean is not an enjoyable job…and obviously it costs to buy litter regularly.


Cats can vomit on occasion and it is not nice having to clean it up.


Even if you get your cat a scratching post, she more than likely will use the sofa or other furniture. And if your cat sheds a lot, you will end up with cat hair all over the house, and on your clothes too.

Dead or alive animals

Cats are hunters. So if you let them out, even if they have been fed well, you are likely to receive gifts of dead or alive small animals. Rosie used to like to bring in everything alive, so I have found birds, mice, and even a dragonfly, in the house.


Cats need flea and worm treatment, especially if they are an outdoor cats. Pills can be a nightmare to get down them but even the liquid drops can be hard if they try to run away from you. And again it costs to give them regular flea and worm treatment.

To me though, the pro’s far outweigh the cons and I would have more than one cat if I had the space! Do you have a cat? What are your pros and cons?

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  • Great blog post-Fozia, it’s clear you have a lot of experience with cats. I can relate to the pros and cons you listed, especially the flea and worm treatment, it can be a struggle. But the companionship and stress relief they provide is worth it. I’m glad Minnie has found her forever home with you.
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