Project 365 – Week 4 of 2023

Another uneventful week with school and toddler groups.

Week 4 – 22nd January to 28th January 2023

Day 22 – Sunday

A usual quiet Sunday, just chilling at home and watching a bit of TV. Noticed that one of my ZZ plants had a new leaf.

Day 23 – Monday

I was planning to go to a meet up in the morning followed by messy play for Minu but she didn’t sleep well and we had a really rough night leading to a headache first thing. So I decided to stay home. To bes honest it was so cold and frosty that I was quite glad to stay at home. The car hadn’t even defrosted by 4pm when I did the school run.

Day 24 – Tuesday

Another frosty morning. Felt really cold but we went to our toddler group. It was an Olympics theme today.

Day 25 – Wednesday

Toddler group in the morning and then I had our scouts groups executive committee meeting. As I am Group Scout Leader I have no choice but to be on it. We decided to meet at a local new cafe. The hot chocolate was quite nice.

Day 26 – Thursday

My FB memories keep popping up with things I used to do with Bee when she was little which made me realise I haven’t done much with Minu at home yet. Decided to give the tuff tray a good clean and then got some pasta and pots and pans out for her – she enjoyed playing with them all for a while. Decided not to send Bee to karate as she has a cough which is worse at night…. and she has a competition at the weekend. Hoping some rest will help otherwise I won’t be allowing her to go and compete – its 2 hours away.

Day 27 – Friday

As I wasn’t sending Bee to karate again we took the opportunity to pop to the shops after school as I need to get some shampoo and body wash for myself and Minu. Decided to try out a new Churros place at the shopping centre. I found them a bit crunchy – have had better ones to be honest. I also decided to use some of my Boots points and got myself a Tiffany & Co perfume. Also managed to get a post live about the pros and cons of having a cat.

Day 28 – Saturday

The last time I tried making brownies I overcooked them and never tried again. Finally had another go today and they turned out really good. Also made some play dough for Minu. She loves playing with it at our Wednesday group so decided to make some at home for her. Bee enjoyed playing with it too!

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