Project 365 – Week 5 of 2023

Not much happening this week apart from the usual routine.

Week 5 – 29th January to 4th February 2023

Day 29 – Sunday

Bee went with her dad to Barnsley for a competition. She had chosen to compete in 3 categories. It is based on weight and as she is bigger built she often ends up with much taller girls. She came 4th in one category, and then 2nd in another but it was only one other girl in that category – she did well against her though. Then her and her dad didn’t wait for the third category – she had forgotten her mouth guard and a friend had let her borrow hers for the first two fights but there was a clash in timings for the third. Although her dad had gone out to buy her a new one it was uncomfortable as it wasn’t moulded at all. There were some tears and I am not keen on her going to the big competitions again but she wants to go to the next one in May. Will see, as it also depends on if her dad is willing to take the day off work and take her.

Day 30 – Monday

I had heard of a messy play session that charges £2 and been meaning to take Bee but didn’t want to while she was still putting things in her mouth. Decided to go today with some friends and it was nice…she seemed to enjoy herself. She also turned 18 months today.

Day 31 – Tuesday

Toddler group in the morning, then made a mini pizza for Minu in the evening. Not much else happening today.

Day 32 – Wednesday

Teacher strikes today. Eldest was home while Bee had to go to school. Eldest had wanted to go to toddler group with us but one of her teachers who wasn’t striking decided to do an online class so she couldn’t. Treated her to a takeaway burger at lunch instead.

Day 33 – Thursday

Hubby’s friends came from Blackburn and then together they went to London to see his other friend and do some sightseeing. I won’t lie, there was some resentment there that he can just go off with his mates but I literally can’t do anything without Minu. Oh well. Took some pics of Minnie when she came out to play once the house was quiet. Eldest went to Coventry university with her school. It was all paid for by the university so the school made all the Yr 12’s go even if they weren’t planning on going uni or go to that one!

Day 34 – Friday

Took Minnie to the vets as I had transferred her to a different vet and they wanted to see her before prescribing worm and flea treatment. Had forgotten how expensive vets are. Came home and put the flea treatment on her…and got hissed at for my troubles. She then ran away from me all day. I had not used this brand on Rosie and when I googled it there were many bad reviews with some even saying it had killed their pets… of course I panicked and watched her like a hawk all day….may ask to change the brand next time.

Day 35 – Saturday

Decided that as it has been 3 weeks it was time to let Minnie venture outside. It may also stop her going crazy at night. She initially wouldn’t go out and was very nervous. Then when our back was turned she disappeared. I panicked when it started getting dark as Rosie had never ventured far…and posted about her in a lost and found pet group and a few people had spotted her near a local shop around the corner. The older two girls went to have a look but couldn’t find her. After we had given Minu her dinner we went for a drive around but didn’t spot her. Came home to scatter some of her litter around the garden so she could smell it and found her hiding behind one of the pots. Not sure if she was always there or if she had managed to find her way home! Not sure I will be letting her out again for a while….

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  • Glad Minnie came home, we were anxious about our cat, every time we moved especially as it involved country moves also. We’ve never taken our pets to the vets other than annual injections and certificates to prove the were fit to fly.

  • For my cat (many years ago though) I used a flee-collar instead of spot-on, as if there is an allergic reaction I could remove the collar and that was it. It might be worth thinking of that, as applying spot-on can be very tricky with cats. The dog was happy with it.
    I think is nice she wants to compete and if she is happy with the stress and emotions, that will surely help her in the future. At my university I saw children on tours and I think it’s a good idea, especially for children who have parents that don’t have tertiary education.

  • Well done to Bee on her competition. I can imagine bigger ones are more stressful. Minu looks like she enjoyed the messy play session. That was worrying with the reviews on the flea treatment and then Minnie disappearing when she went out. Hope that she’s not given you any more reason to worry. #project365