Project 365 – Weeks 14 and 15 of 2023

A relatively quiet 2 weeks. We tend not to go out much during Ramadan and with Bee wanting to fast in the holidays we didn’t do any day trips these Easter holidays. But it has been nice to take it easy (well as much as you can with a toddler).

Weeks 14 and 15 – 2 April to 15 April 2023

Day 92 – Sunday

Black belt testing today for Bee. I was dreading it as heard it can last for up to 4 hours and it started at 4.30 – which would take us past our time to open mine and the eldest’s fast. Plus 4 hours with Minu! Minu did really well though….she had a nap for some of it as I didn’t let her nap during the day and then played for most of the time and watched what was going on. Bee did really well and gained her junior black belt. So proud of her.

It was a long day as by the time the grading was over, pictures were taken and we got a takeaway, we got home at 9.30pm.

Here is a reel of of her karate journey to date.

Day 93 – Monday

We were tired from yesterday but met up with some friends at Dobbies soft play. It was the first time we had been there but it is nice for the toddlers. Small but ideal to be able to see the kids.

Day 94 – Tuesday

A relatively nice day today. Spent some time in the garden and Minu of course wanted to help ‘tidy up’. Then had all our 6 month check ups at the dentist. It was Minu’s first check up and she actually let the dentist feel around her teeth but apart from that the dentist didn’t push it. I used to get free check ups but have to pay now and I was shocked at having to pay £47 just for her to have a look and say everything is ok…which barely lasted 2 minutes. I may change my check ups to yearly now instead of every 6 months.

Day 95 – Wednesday

We had been gifted some tickets to go to a local circus. It was just an hour show but I was worried how Minu would be. Thankfully she seemed to enjoy it and was happy with a light up sword we got her. She did get a bit fed up towards the final 5 minutes but she did well.

Day 96 – Thursday

We held a special Iftaar event for our Beaver and Cubs. Iftaar meaning when we open the fast at sunset. Minu wasn’t in the best of moods due to teething but I managed to help set up from 4.30pm and stay until about 8.30 when I had to get her home as she had had enough. It was a lovely event with crafts, henna and a quiz and some turkish food at the end. Hopefully next year we can make the event bigger.

Day 97 – Friday

A quiet day at home. Bit of sun today. Noticed some of my flowers coming out. Can’t wait till Ramadan is over and the sun is out so can tidy the garden properly.

Day 98 – Saturday

There was a special Sports Easter hunt happening in the local park and decided to take the girls there as we haven’t done much else. It was a nice morning with lots of different sports to try out, including croquet and rowing. There were some fairground rides too for the little ones.

Day 99 – Sunday

Dad phoned me in the morning as mum hadn’t been well overnight and was still feeling really rough and he wasn’t sure what to do as it was Sunday. As hubby had just left for work I asked him to check in on them and he called me to say mum was pretty ill and called the ambulance. So I got over there quick, by the time I got there the ambulance had arrived. Mum’s heartbeat was irregular and her blood pressure was so high the machine was struggling to get a reading so they had to do it manually. They decided to take her in. Turns out it is atrial fibrillation and they initially admitted her to the ward but then discharged her with a referral to a consultant and new heart meds.

Day 100 – Monday

Another quiet day at home. Popped to mums in the morning to check she was ok and then came home to do some cooking. Minu saw her sister on her laptop and then climbed into her lap to pretend she was busy on it instead!

Day 101 – Tuesday

Decided to pop to the shops as Bee needed some new school shoes. Normally they last a year but she was complaining they were tight….she has gone up a whole shoe size! Then went to a few other shops and almost lost my temper in TK Maxx. The eldest was trying on some clothes and we were waiting outside the fitting rooms and Minu was holding a toy she wanted. Out of nowhere a girl turned up, snatched her toy from her, threw it on the floor and then shoved Minu with so much force she went flying backwards. She had a smirk on her face until I shouted at her and asked her where her parents were. That is when I realised there was likely some kind of sensory issue as Minu’s frightened screams made her cover her ears and she looked confused. Her Dad turned up and I said she shoved my daughter and made her cry. He simply said sorry and Bee said he just hugged his daughter when I walked away. As I realised there was some kind of health issue with the child I backed off otherwise they would have had a major mouthful from me. But if your child has a tendency to be aggressive then surely you should be keeping a closer eye on them!

Day 102 – Wednesday

Minnie asleep pretty much sums up our feelings today. A quiet and lazy day.

Day 103 – Thursday

Hubby was home today and it was a quiet one. Did some food shopping in the morning and then just chilled at home. No photos.

Day 104 – Friday

Decided to take Minu to the local soft play cafe before Bee went to Karate as its round the corner from her dojo. A couple of friends decided to join us and it was nice to all get together. The eldest and Bee weren’t fasting today so treated them to a milkshake and a smoothie.

Day 105 – Saturday

A nice day so decided to get the sand out for Minu to play around with. All the girls had fun with it! Popped to the garden centre to get some bedding plants for my tyre planters. And I managed to tidy up the garden a bit, especially the area round the tyres, reading for the plants. There is a lot of weeding to do but will just have to do it in small patches as and when I have time.

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