Project 365 – Week 12 and 13 of 2023

Ramadan started this week so things have been a bit busy with fasting and worship and feeling tired!

Week 12 and 13 – 19th March to 1 April 2023

Day 78 – Sunday

A quiet day at home. The sun made a bit of an appearance so let Minu play in the garden for a bit. She hates being cooped up in doors. Also made her some vegetable muffins but she didn’t seem to like them, think they were too bland for her. Next time will add some spices to it.

Day 79 – Monday

Went to the last Muslim Mums meet up until after Ramadan. They had brought some snacks so the kids were happy. Sadly the messy play today was cancelled but instead we popped to a friends house for bit. Came home and Minu napped while I chilled with the cat.

Day 80 – Tuesday

Minu’s group was cancelled due to the leader not being well so a quiet day at home. Managed to get a book review live for a new book ‘The Moon’.

Day 81 – Wednesday

I had realised I hadn’t sorted out any chocolate calendars for the older two girls for Ramadan, and had ordered one very last minute. Thankfully it arrived today as it was confirmed after sunset that Ramadan starts tomorrow. I haven’t bothered decorating much this year as Minu keeps going for things but will make the effort for Eid. Also had parents evening for Bee which went really well, her maths teacher was so emotional at how well she was doing and that she is already at her expected targets for July. Her form tutor sang her praises too and said she had leadership qualities. So proud of her.

Day 82 – Thursday

Ramadan started today. I decided to put some lights up in the window and Minu of course climbed up and got to them. I am not sure how long I will keep them up there if she keeps going for them.

Day 83 – Friday

There’s this trend on social media of sharing ramadan baskets….for the kids and for yourself. I haven’t bothered this year…the girls are older and don’t need crafts etc. And realistically when am I going to have time to read books, plus Minu always wants the books. Any spare time will be on the Quran. But I did get these two books…will see if I get a chance at all to read them.

Day 84 – Saturday

Eldest had booked on an open day at the local uni. It is not her first choice but a back up plan if she doesn’t get into her other choices. I have said going to the local one will be easier and she will end up in less debt if she stays at home…but at the end of the day it is her choice. Sadly Minu was being difficult so I left the eldest to it as they had a 1.5 hour session where parents couldn’t go in anyway.

Day 85 – Sunday

An early start (considering the clocks went forward too) as Bee had a local competition to attend. She did really well and came 2nd, only losing the first place by just 1 point.

Day 86 – Monday

I couldn’t really sleep after getting up to have breakfast and then pray. Captured the sun rising. Then a quiet day at home as no messy play due to ramadan.

Day 87 – Tuesday

Back to group today. Haven’t been for 3 weeks! And today was the last one of the term. I wasn’t going to book it for after the holidays but Minu does enjoy it so we booked to return.

Day 88 – Wednesday

Back to our Wednesday group. Today was the last session before the holidays. Back after the Easter break.

Day 89 – Thursday and Day 90 – Friday

A quiet two days. The weather hasn’t been great so we stayed at home. Friday the older two girls broke up from school…2 weeks off now.

Day 91 – Saturday

Picked up Bee from karate and then headed to Pets at Home to get some cat food. Minu loves watching the fishes. We had to drag her away from there….and then drag her away from the rabbit.

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