Review: The Moon, A Lyrical Book by Aisha Ibrahim

Disclosure: We received The Moon, A Lyrical Book for purposes of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

The moon is such an important part of Islam, including telling us the start of each month, so it’s no wonder it is the focus of a new book by Aisha Ibrahim.

Author: Aisha Ibrahim

Illustrator: Audita Sarah

Ages: 2-7

‘’Embark of an imaginative journey to explore a glimpse of a marvellous beauty Allah has created for us!

A lyrical book about the wonderful moon, for children and their parents to read and enjoy together.’’

The moon is so important to life, and it is something the children see in the night sky. It is mentioned in the Quran in many surahs so a book dedicated to it is ideal.

It talks about the moon in general that it is white and bright, that it is one of the signs of Allah (swt), that it tells the start of each month, and more.

This is a vibrant, colourful book to engage the children. The fact it is lyrical makes it a soothing read aloud, although I did feel like some pages weren’t overly lyrical.

Each page is fully illustrated with each character being faceless.

What I particularly liked about it is that there are fun facts and research activities added at the end. Also a moon phases calendar and an exercise for parents to contemplate on Quran verse which mention the moon.

A book for both parents and children and a lovely addition to anyones book shelf.

If you like the look of the book then it is available from Amazon (aff link):

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