Project 365 – Week 11 of 2023

Another pretty uneventful week. Usual routine although eldest was off school for 2 days due to the strikes.

Week 11 – 12th March to 18th March 2023

Day 71 – Sunday

Bee had her eye test today. Her eyesight hasn’t worsened but they let her have new glasses because one of her lenses was scratched. Then hubby decided to take the rest of the day off. He suggested we go to London to eat and we could do some shopping. But the eldest didn’t want to go as she said she had school work. We ended up going Leicester but sadly the restaurants we wanted to go to were busy. We ended up at one where we went once before and it was initially empty. They sat us by the door and it was cold as the door doesn’t shut properly. And to be honest the food wasn’t great. They biryani was ok but the meat platter we got was chewy. Was a waste of time going to be honest.

Day 72 – Monday

We were meant to go to messy play today but I was tired and just wasn’t in the mood for socialising. Do we did some messy/sensory play. I don’t really want to use food for play as I feel like it is a waste of food…but the shreddies were old and out of date so rather than throw them we decided to use them for play. Minu enjoyed it.

Day 73 – Tuesday

Had my diabetic eye test in the morning and the eye drops really stung! I had booked a lunch event a few hours later but wasn’t sure I was going to make it as my eyes were feeling pretty funny afterwards. By the time of the lunch they felt ok so decided to drive….but the sun did make them feel a bit sore. Thankfully it wasn’t far and nothing was blurry otherwise would have considered turning round and not going. The lunch meet up was at a children’s centre so there was a play area for the kids. It was nice to get out and meet other mums.

Day 74 – Wednesday

Strikes at school. Eldest was off school today but Bee had to go in. Eldest decided to come to the toddler group with Minu and me. It was a mothers day theme and the girls did the crafts. We don’t really bother with mothers day but was nice to have these and will be keeping them. After the group we headed to the Muslim Mums meet up. We had a nice slice of cake and it was nice to spend the day with the eldest too.

Day 75 – Thursday

Eldest off school today again…but she had work to do so spent most of the time in her room. Her dad went and got us a takeway. Pepe’s had opened up yesterday and we wanted to try it. Was quite nice. Then in the evening I popped along to scouts as a potential new young leader may be joining us so wanted to meet her and introduce her to the Cub leader as she will be joining the Cub section if she does decide to join.

Day 76 – Friday

Friday was a quiet day at home

Day 77 – Saturday

Decided to make some chocolate dates today ready for Ramadan. Usually I buy some but they are just too expensive these days. Was really simple and don’t know why we have never done them before. We filled them with peanut butter/nutella and put an almond in. Then covered with dairy milk chocolate and finally Bee decorated them with coconut/sprinkles. They turned out pretty good!

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