Project 365 – Week 10 of 2023

A quiet week, starting off with feeling run down and a cold, and the eldest returned from America.

Week 10 – 5th March to 11th March 2023

Day 64 – Sunday

Hubby decided to go to work late as there was a marathon in Cambridge and a lot of the roads would be shut until the afternoon. So we ended up going to soft play – it was nice to see Minu having fun with her dad for once as he is usually at work when we go to places like soft play. Then we stopped off at Karak Chaii for a spot of lunch to try their new menu before he headed off to work. By the end of the day I was feeling a bit rough, like I was coming down with a cold.

Day 65 – Monday

The plan had been to go to a meet up this morning followed by messy play. But I was feeling drained, with a sore throat so decided to stay home as didn’t want to make anyone sick. So tried to keep Minu entertained at home. Thankfully her dad was home for most of the morning so he helped entertain her.

A new book arrived for us to review….its a personalised one so thats nice.

Day 66 – Tuesday

Not feeling too bad today but as my throat is still a bit sore and nose feels a bit bunged up I decided not to take Minu to group as didn’t want to pass anything on to the other parents and kids. Minu was getting a bit restless at home though as she likes being out and about. Our dates from The Date Project also arrived, ready to be eaten in Ramadan (although they might end up getting eaten before then!) I love these dates and order every year….love that they come in such pretty tins too!

Day 67 – Wednesday

Bit of snow this morning but just slight flurries. Eldest returned from America today. She landed at 6.30 and was back home at 10.50am. Was good to see her but found out that she actually had the taster held to her neck! She had conveniently forgot to mention that to me, otherwise I may just have jumped on the next plane to America! While her dad dropped her home to rest, I took Minu to group as I was feeling better and we needed to get it. Minu has always been a bit reserved at this group when it comes to the singing at the end but this time she properly joined in and even went to sit next to Claire who leads it; she also commented on how well she joined in today!

Day 68 – Thursday

Woke up to a light layer of snow. Where has spring gone??? Thankfully it had gone by the afternoon. Spent pretty much all day at home….didn’t feel like going anywhere. Went for breakfast with a friend, the roads and pavements were clear so we weren’t going to let a bit of snow stop us! Was nice to get out for breakfast without kids and have a chat! Then took Minnie for a check up with the vets. Her scar is healing well so they have discharged her from further check ups and she is allowed out if she wants to go out.

Day 69 – Friday

Woke up to heavy snowfall and the road looked a bit icy and slippery. Although it was heavy initially, it was again pretty clear by the afternoon. Minu was fascinated and watched it through the window in the morning.

Day 70 – Saturday

While Bee was at karate, myself, the eldest and Minu went to a pregnancy and baby event. It seemed like it was more for those who were pregnant but had promised a friend I would go. It was nice to have a quick chat, and we got some free stuff like chocolates and tulips..and the bonus was that their was food. Eldest was happy to see samosas, which made up for me dragging her there- I tried one and it was really nice.

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