Project 365 – Week 9 of 2023

Usual school routine this week. Only difference is that the eldest headed off on her trip to America.

Week 9 – 26th February to 4th March 2023

Day 57 – Sunday

The sun was out although it was still a bit nippy. But let Minu play in the garden for a bit. She loves being out and about. Can’t wait until spring is here properly and I can get the grass cut….and get all her toys out.

Day 58 – Monday

Woke up feeling like I couldn’t be bothered to do anything but dragged myself out to take Minu to messy play. For some reason she wasn’t feeling it either and kept pointing to her coat and going to the door.

Day 59 – Tuesday

Eldest left in the morning at 6.30 as their flight was at 12.15pm. Sadly it was delayed by over 2 hours but she was given a £10 voucher for refreshments by the airline. I then stalked her flight online until she landed safely. This is the longest we will be away from her…and she is so far away. Took Bee to her group today. A friend joined us for a trial with her girls and it was nice to have her there.

Day 60 – Wednesday

Dropped off Minnie at the vets for her surgery. As it was believed that she is neutered they were doing exploratory surgery to remove any remaining tissue. Turns out she wasn’t neutered at all!! So they did the op. Minnie did not like the cone at all and managed to get it off. She was then very aggressive when I tried to get it on and I couldn’t do it alone. I didn’t want Bee to grab her and end up scratched so had to leave her – Minnie doesn’t fully trust us yet. I then worried that she was going to do herself some damage by licking it.

Day 61 – Thursday

Hubby had taken yesterday off as my car needed an MOT, so he went to work today instead. I ended up taking Minu to the soft play as they were holding a baby and toddler fair. Had a look around, got some free cake and samples, and played with Minu for an hour. Soft play is really tiring so ended up going home sooner than I was planning..but as soon as we got home Minu slept for almost 3 hours.

Day 62 – Friday

Been keeping an eye on Minnie as her cone is off and it shouldn’t be but the scar looks like its healing well with no obvious signs of infection. But was glad she had a check up today. She was resting on Bee’s bed but had to disturb her to take her for her appointment. The nurse was pleased and said she was the first cat she had seen today that was healing well and didn’t need further medication. But I still need to keep an eye on her and try to put the cone back on if she licks it…..but I have no idea how I am going to get it on her if I need to! Final check up in a weeks time and then I can let her out.

Day 63 – Saturday

Received a message overnight while sleeping from the eldest that there had been an issue in America. There was some problem with a women and she chased her friends with what they believe was a taser – eldest was ok as she was on the other platform but saw it happen. Thankfully everyone was ok, if a bit shaken, but I was to expect a phonecall from the teachers. Received a phonecall later on to be told there was some kind of altercation with the locals and that everyone was ok. She didn’t mention the taser until I asked and she confirmed there was some kind of electrical device. The police have been involved and checking CCTV. I queried why they weren’t all going together to the conference centre and back again…and she said that as they are getting the confidence to use the metro they aren’t always together but usually they are nearby. I kept my cool as the teachers are still looking after our kids for the next 3 days and didn’t want to rub them up the wrong way! Baked some cookies with Bee and Minu today while worrying about the eldest.

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