Project 365 – Week 8 of 2023

Back to school this week so back to the usual routine.

Week 8 – 19th February to 25th February 2023

Day 50 – Sunday

Needed to get a few bits and pieces so popped to the city centre. Decided to get Minu’s feet measured as its been over the recommended 6 weeks and her shoe size has gone up. So got her some new shoes…she knew what she wanted and once on she wouldn’t take them off! Then decided to treat the girls to lunch out at one of their favourite places before back to school tomorrow. Sadly they seem to have stopped doing the lunch menu offers and it ended up expensive. We liked going there for lunch but its just too much now without the lunch deal, so we are unlikely to return.

Day 51 – Monday

Managed to get to a Muslim Mums meet up in the morning and that was followed by messy play. As soon as we got home Minu had a nap and then it was school run time.

Day 52 – Tuesday

Back to our usual Tuesday group. The theme today was the farm and Minu loved the sheepdogs they had.

Day 53 – Wednesday

We woke up in a good mood and then Minu got grumpy which then spoilt my mood. I almost didn’t take her to our usual Wednesday group but in the end dragged us both there. They had opened the outdoor area and she spent all her time outdoors. The fresh air did us good.

Day 54 – Thursday

Had to take Minnie to the vets first thing for a blood test to see if she is neutered or not. They tried to do it without sedating her but she got aggressive with them. I don’t understand why they didn’t just sedate her in the first place. They had tried from her legs and her neck while she was fully aware. They then sedated her and I collected her in an hour. She had fur clipped from her legs and her neck in two appears her blood pressure dropped a bit. She was clearly traumatised; as soon as I got her home she ran upstairs and hid under the bed. The vet called me later to say that the test was positive which means that she may not be neutered, but because there is a scar it could be that some tissue or something was left behind. So we are unsure if she can get pregnant or not so will need to continue to keep her indoors until they can operate next Wednesday. Must admit this is stressing me out as I didn’t sign up for this going back and forth to the vets or for looking after a cat that has had surgery.

Day 55 – Friday

A quiet day at home today not doing much. Minu was a bit grumpy again. Think her teeth are bothering her as her canines are trying to come through. Just played at home. I feel like my living room has just become a playroom.

Day 56 – Saturday

The eldest is off to America next week on a school trip so just trying to make sure everything is sorted. Phoned Vodafone and got told if she uses her phone abroad it will be £6 a day (on top of the monthly payment). So told her not to call/text unless its an emergency and to just use wifi when she can.

Tried making some cheese balls as want to make some and freeze ready for Ramadan next month. I don’t usually prep but the girls like things like this and Bee is adamant she wants to do more fasts this year. The Easter hols will be ramadan so will allow her to fast as much as she wants then. Tried one and although it tastes good the cheese leaks out..not sure what I am doing wrong.

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