Project 365 – Week 27 of 2023

Week 27 – 2 July to 8 July 2023

A usual week of toddler groups and schools.

Day 183 – Sunday

There was a charity fun day happening today at a local park today. We were meant to have our scouts stall there but not enough volunteers were available. But it meant that we could go and enjoy it. We bumped into some friends there which meant the girls then had more fun. Minu loved the bouncy castle (it was her first time on it) and wouldn’t come off, and Bee loved the animal experience as she got to hold some snakes.

Day 184 – Monday

Had an appointment with the nurse first thing to show her my home readings for my blood pressure. All pretty good. Think it was just a blip last time as when she checked today it was fine. Minu was in a strange mood today. Normally she wants to go out everyday and brings her shoes to me, but when I suggested the park or go to Nani’s house she kept saying no. So we stayed at home. She thought it would be fun to stick her legs through the cat flap.

Day 185 – Tuesday

Toddler group in the morning but even there Minu wasn’t in the best of moods and kept pointing to the door and saying ‘home’. We came home at the end and she immediately had a nap. Managed to get a good picture of Fidget the gerbil today.

Day 186 – Wednesday

Toddler group today. Before we left Minu’s light up Sketcher sandals arrived which I had found in the sales and then used a £5 voucher with too…so were a bargain. She spotted them and insisted on immediately wearing them to group.

Day 187 – Thursday

Bee needed a green t-shirt for her sports day tomorrow. I had ordered one but it was late in arriving so had to go into town to find one. Hubby then treated us to Chopstix for lunch. It’s been a while since we have had one and the place has been revamped and it was nice.

Day 188 – Friday

Bee’s sports day and a very hot day. Thankfully her session was in the morning before it got really hot. We could stay for a picnic lunch but I had to leave as it was too much for Minu and she was tired. Thankfully Bee didn’t mind us leaving.

Day 189 – Saturday

Bee had a competition at her dojo today. I initially was going to send hubby first and then I go a bit later but he would have had to pay £6 spectator fee for just an hour. So went myself with the girls. Thankfully the play area was open downstairs and we were charged just £2 for Minu to play for as long as Bee was waiting to compete. Took Minu upstairs when it was time for her sisters fight and she enjoyed watching it all. Bee came 1st in one of her fight categories and just got beat by 1 point to 1st place in her second category.

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