Project 365 – Week 26 of 2023

Week 26 – 25 June to 1 July 2023

Eid celebrations this week.

Day 176 – Sunday

An extremely hot day and Bee had a karate comp. Thankfully it was local so her dad took her but by 12 he ask us to go so he could leave for work, as the time for her fight kept being pushed back. It was so hot and stuffy and she came 4th on this occasion. In the evening there was a cool breeze in the garden and had to give my plants some water due to how hot it had been.

Day 177 – Monday

Our first monthly walk and talk in the park. As I was helping, I had to get there for 9.30….was a bit of a rush in the morning! Two ladies turned up so was a quiet but nice walk. Hopefully we get more mums coming next month. After school we popped to town as I needed to get a few bits for Eid this week. Treated the girls to an ice cream from Hotel Chocolat.

Day 178 – Tuesday

Toddler group first thing and then a Muslim mums meet up straight after. After school there was a pre Eid party happening at a local cafe and a friend was going, so we said we would go with her. It was mainly stalls with free candy floss, a drink and hair colouring for the kids. They had a 360 photo booth but couldn’t get it to work. They had a paw patrol character come out and surprisingly Minu went to it and allowed herself to be picked up for pictures. I decided to get my henna done there; the girls were booked in with someone else tomorrow. But she took soooo long I was getting fed up. (And the colour was rubbish afterwards too!) As we were leaving they started doing some big bubbles which the girls enjoyed.

Day 179 – Wednesday

Toddler group in the morning and then after school the eldest had her first driving lesson with a new instructor. We decided against the other one as she seemed very cold, but we both got good vibes from this new one. Eldest said she was much nicer and explained things much better. So I guess we will be sticking with her. We then went to get the girls henna done from a henna artist I found on instagram. Turns out it was the home of the eldest’s friend so she was happy to have some company!

Day 180 – Thursday

Eid day! We had ordered the food from a local catering company, so no rushing around first thing cooking. Then in the afternoon we headed to the seaside. It’s the first time Minu has gone to the seaside and she loved it. It was nice and quiet too so we really enjoyed the walk.

You can watch a quick reel here:

Day 181 – Friday

A quiet day at home today. I think Minu was tired out from the seaside yesterday as was quite happy to sit and watch TV while I cooked. Noticed more flowers had bloomed in the garden.

Day 182 – Saturday

Another quiet day. Eldest went with her friends to check out York uni and the rest of us popped to my mums in the morning. We had a takeaway there and then came home for Minu’s nap. She then insisted on going in the garden and snacked on raspberries. Spent the day researching North Wales and whether to book going there again.

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