Project 365 – Week 25 of 2023

Nothing special this week really, just trying to survive the hotter weather!

Week 25 – 18 June to 24 June 2023

Day 169 – Sunday

Fathers day today. We don’t really bother with it in our house but went and got dad some sweets (mitai) from a bakery that has only just recently opened.

Day 170 – Monday

I had my annual review at the GP, blood tests to check my blood glucose levels, liver and kidney function and iron levels. She also checked my feet, weight and blood pressure. My blood pressure was a concern as it was too high for her liking. I did tell her I only had about 3 hours sleep the night before and have been a bit stressed last couple of days, but I now have to monitor it morning and night for 2 weeks and go back with the results. Hubby was off work as he needed to get his car fixed, and after school took the girls to the park for an ice cream.

Day 171 – Tuesday

A bit cooler today but Minu woke up in a grumpy mood even though she slept well the night before. She wasn’t in the best of moods at toddler group and fell asleep almost as soon as we got home. The cat decided to watch her sleep for a while, the only time she goes near her!

Day 172 – Wednesday

Toddler group in the morning and then after school popped into town as I needed to go the bank. Then headed to the shops as wanted to get Bee some Eid clothes for next week. Anything she liked, didn’t fit but Minu and the eldest found some clothes they liked even though I wasn’t planning on getting them anything else as they already have their Eid clothes! Then took Bee to a local asian clothes shop and after trying numerous outfits we found one that was comfortable.

Day 173 – Thursday

Toddler group in the morning. It was the leaders birthday today and one of the mums had baked cakes which was nice. Then took Bee to karate and picked up my free birthday doughnut from Krispy Kreme. I usually forget to get all the free stuff but was determined to get them this year! And it was only valid till the end of the month.

Day 174 – Friday

Took Minu to a toddler group on the morning but the car park was packed and no spaces nearby so ended up popping to mums instead. Didn’t stay long as Minu got her shoes to show me she wanted to leave. Eldest came home with some chocolates and vouchers for hot drinks…it appears she got awarded for being the student who has progressed the most since starting Year 12.

Day 175 – Saturday

Bee went to karate and I cooked chicken pilau first thing before it got too hot. Then headed to pick up Bee but first stopped at Dobbies to get my free birthday cake and drink. Tried the lemon cake and it was quite nice! Got tempted by a plant again! Then just chilled at home in front of the fan!

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